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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   SolaireSolstice
    This weekend I had a patient who needed to be manually irrigated "as needed". After 4 hours of no output, I bladder scanned and went to manually irrigate (my first time doing this). I got instructions from a more experienced nurse first, then went in and explained to the family what I was going to do. They elected to stay in the room. (Pt was sedated). I don't know about you, but when I see a nurse coming in in full PPE with goggles on and a 60 cc syringe and she explains that she is going to attach this to my male relative's foley to try and unblock it, I'd be singing "Feet don't fail me now."

    I got my syringe ready and went to attach it, but when I went to push the syringe in I got it caught on the drape and sprayed a bit of the saline solution. I think I got the daughter a bit. I explained it was just saline solution, that it wasn't even on the line yet and did they still want to stay? (you can see where this is going I'm sure.)

    I got the syringe attached and was pushing and pulling on the syringe plunger a little bit at a time, when suddenly the "fluid" backsprayed all over my face. The wife was sitting RIGHT behind me. It was probably only 15 cc of fluid based on how much I had in the syringe still. *A refreshing spritz of saline solution with a light hint of stale urine.* Bath and Body Works, you have competition.

    My only consolation was they had been dutifully warned, I took the brunt of the spray, my mouth was closed, and I hadn't cleared the blockage. But it was still fluid from a foley that had previously had urine running through it. I quietly and as low profile as possible wiped my face with a towel I had there at the ready. The wife said nothing (maybe it didn't get her? I can only hope. I did have a drape). Once I was finished I was able to go wash my face (read: soak my head for 10 minutes in very hot water). I smelled urine for the rest of the day although my co-workers told me they didn't smell anything, once they got their breath back from laughing. I've taken 3 showers since I've gotten home last night.
  2. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from Amy, KMA
    I've been a CNA for about 3 years now. I've spent most of that 3 years on my nursing home's "behavior unit". Basically we have all the patients with dementia, schizophrenia, and most other mental illnesses. Another CNA and I were doing my rounds when we went into one room to check on a pt. We found that she had a BM since the last time we changed her. It was balled up in her hands. So we put gloves on and tried to take it away from her. She started to freak out and exclamed. "YOU CAN'T HAVE MY CHEESEBURGER!!!". And took a BIG bite out of her BM. We spent the next half hour washing her up and cleaning BM out of her teeth!
  3. by   AlixSN
    So in my first year of nursing school I was watching my instructor suction a man with a tracheostomy. We were all highly entertained watching her, all in gowns and she has protective eyewear on because she said 'you never know'. She was suctioning and felt she had done a satisfactory job and she went to put the suction down when he started to gurgle again. She went to put it back to suction and all of a sudden he coughed and he sprayed all over her, in her hair, on her scrubs...everywhere. It was pretty gross!
  4. by   nurse 18
    I was working as cna in nursing home and in school for lpn anyway pt was in geriactric chair and was puting her to bed pick her up plop something fell on my shoe mind you there white so i kinda kicked it off come to find out it was prolapsed uterus ewewewe!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   SRNSUT
    When I was a 2nd year student, I went into a little old lady's house (on a community placement) to do a dressing on her head. I pulled about a meter of packed gauze out of a hole in her head, and had to clean bright green pus off raw skull and what was almost definately meninges.

    She didn't even flinch though.
  6. by   rkitty198
    I had a patient who had a huge abdominal wound and schizophrenia. He had this deep abdominal wound debrided and a wound-vac placed.
    He would scream from his room "help me I am bleeding," a lot. Each time I would go in and find him in bed laughing. This happened six times! Not to mention several times the day before as per the PM shift.
    He then started screaming again and I was in another room doing a dressing change. I didnt think much of it because he gave me six false alarms.
    Finally 10 min later I go in his room to find blood everywhere!!! He was in bed saying "look what happens when I cough." He then started coughing and each time his intestines would ooze from his abdomen. Then out of the corner of my eye I see the wound vac and the sponge on the floor. He then started pulling his "worms," aka intestines out and finding so much enjoyment from it. I realized he has pulled the wound-vac off and must have ripped his wound open.
    I had never seen so much blood, it was trailed all over the room.
    He went to emergency surgery and the entire time he was screaming from the stretcher "I told you I was bleeding!" "I told you I was bleeding!" as he was pointing at me. It was so scary! I learned my lesson.
  7. by   JDZ344

    I once went to help a lady who was calling out. Well, I leaned in to her to ask her what the matter was, and she PUKED on me! I tried to hold it together... I really did.
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  8. by   futurenurseheather
    this man came into the ER because he had fallen and hurt his shoulder. well that ended up being the least of his worries. this man hadn't had a bath in about say....5 years? whats worse is that his socks were embedded into his skin and had to be cut off!! the skin underneath was so necrotic and his toenails were so long that they curled underneath his toes. it was awful.
  9. by   SaraSmile3
    Quote from mushrooms4
    I had a friend that had received a homeless pt as an admit from the ER. I offered assistance bathing the pt as he was exceedingly odiferous; and, from experience, I knew moral support was required for this particular bath. So, as we are cleansing his genitalia, we noticed his 'shorties' moving; upon further investigation, suddenly his bush erupted and THOUSANDS (well, probably less that that- but it SEEMED like thousands) of spiders evacuated and ran for dear life!!! I was so grossed out. They WERE spiders, by the way- but he did have scabies and other fun little roomies on his person in addition. Oh my word! What fun we nurses have! Keep the secret, because if the world knew how glamorous our jobs were, they would all want in on the action- and, of course, the massive paychecks. hehehe
    Omg, I hate to admit it, but I probably would have lost all professionalism and completely freaked out! I am PETRIFIED of spiders! Ew ew ew my skin is crawling... You're a braver person than I am!
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from nurse 18
    I was working as cna in nursing home and in school for lpn anyway pt was in geriactric chair and was puting her to bed pick her up plop something fell on my shoe mind you there white so i kinda kicked it off come to find out it was prolapsed uterus ewewewe!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know, it's my sick sense of humor, but I can't help it. I was conditioned to this stuff when I was a child. I saw my mother's intestines laying out on her leg. She was a large woman. It was early one summer morning, the dew was still covering everything, and as she was climbing onto the seat of the hay mower, her foot slipped on the wet step and as she fell, the lever that controlled the mower blade jammed into her intestinal area. My brother was only 12 at the time, and he lifted her off and laid her in front of a stack of hay.
  11. by   nitenite
    Had a pt lose their dentures. Come to find out they were mixed into the poop in his diaper. He spotted them and popped them back in his mouth before I could clean them.
  12. by   Sue Damonas
    I'm a home Hospice and Palliative care nurse and several weeks ago I went to see a new hospice pt and he was in a hospital bed in a very tiny livingroom. After assessing him the only place for me to sit was on the couch so I sat down and opened up my laptop. Several minutes later my pants felt very wet and realized that the couch was soaked with urine. When I was leaving I grabbed one of his blue pads and placed it on my car seat and drove up to Kmart and bought another pair of pants and then went into the bathroom to clean up and change into dry pants. Needless to say I never sit when I'm there!
  13. by   manjaNurse
    Oh God, I thank You for not having to go tru d worst like all of those nurses here!!

    my grossest - was doing home care a few years back. Patient refused BKA. I haf to do dressing. pt said put on a pail to 'collect' the pus that will be oozing out. i opened up the gross bandage, and big fat maggots started to jumped out and made some good 'plopping' sound into the pail! plop plop plop dey went....

    my next grossest - a bgit pt decided to get really sick during night shift when there's only two nurses. he vomited pure blood AND passed out malena stools and fresh blood via anal as well!!. the whole room was full of blood and smelled of malena. poor patient though..it must have been horrible!