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  1. greg was the stud of the unit. he was young and very attractive. he had a wonderful personality and the female patients adored him.
    the frequent fliers would ask for him then they would giggle like school girls about how "cute " and "precious" he was.
    in one sense greg would get very embarassed by this but at the same time he loved the attention...even if it was from elderly patients who half the time weren't in their right minds.
    i loved working with greg. he was so much fun to work with because he had a laid back attitude and never let the other nurses get to him.
    i enjoyed calling him the stud of the unit because he always blushed then smiled with pride.

    one particular night we had gone through the "cute" and "precious" episode with two frequent flier female patients. they had asked for him specifically to be their nurse.
    he just thought that was the coolest thing.

    stud and i were in a pts room and we had to get her to a chair for dinner. this pateint was 97 years old and extremely pale and frail. most times she just stayed in her bed unresponsive.
    we were trying to stand her up and she tripped greg causing him to fall on top of her. i started laughing. he stood up and we both got her to her feet. she looked straight at me and in a screechy little voice she said...."next time i want on top"

    he didnt hear what she said and i couldnt tell him because i was laughing too hard.
    he kept asking her what she said.
    she straightened up, looked right at him and in the same screechy voice but very loudly she said...
    "i SAID next time i want on top"

    we had no idea this woman had it in her. she just always looked like she was one of those pts just waiting to die. greg was so embarassed he turned bright red. he didnt know what to say. this all made it even funnier.
    when i got her in the chair i gave her a big hug and told her...you know what?
    i really like you...i think you are so cool.

    from then on this patients personality changed and she began to talk and interact. all thanks to the stud of the unit
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  3. by   leesonlpn
    with an attitude like that - that's how she got to be 97!!I had a 91 year old sharp as a tack -great hearing and she said something to me as I was leaving the room. I said pardon me? She looked me in the eye and said,"Could you get rid of some of these F--king pillows?" 90+ pt. are very unique. It's a wonder "Stud" didn't break her little bones!!
  4. by   frustratedRN
    and i just had one say something like that to me too...it surely takes you aback!
  5. by   janine3&5
    Made me think of this little old lady, 90's, I was taking care of. She was so sweet, completely with it. We were just chattiing, and then she asked me for something to eat, and I explained to her why she was NPO and couldn't have anything. She paused and looked at me and said, "Boy, you sure can be a little b****!" I couldn't help it, I started laughing right there- it was so shocking coming out of her mouth.
  6. by   Ltkristarn
    We have a frequent flyer on our unit. Dirty, but cute older man- lol. First night I had him he told the CNA that when his heart was doing better he was going to take himself some Vigra to chase that little blonde nurse around the halls (referring to me) lol. Last week he was in again to have surgery, doing my rounds at 12a, I go into his room, he was complaining that he was cold. I went and got him a blanket and doubled it over and said if he got chilled again to give me a ring and I would come running. Anyway, he gave a ring and said, "How about instead of another blanket, you just jump into bed with me". I said, "I'm sorry hon, but I don't think your little heart could take it this son after surgery". Both had a good laugh after I got him another blanket.
  7. by   Jay-Jay
    I was doing a private in home shift for an elderly man with numerous medical problems, including CHF and diabetes. One day, he seemed in really rough shape, slightly cyanotic, pulse so fast and irregular that I couldn't count it, and heart sounding like an old washing machine on its last legs. I ordered him off to bed, and called the doctor.

    It just happened that it was the day for his visiting nurse to come in. He had a huge king-sized bed, and was lying towards the middle of it The nurse said to him "I hope you don't mind if I have to get right up on the bed here with you to take your BP."

    "That's the best offer I've had all day!" replied my patient!

    I decided right then that he wasn't in quite as bad a shape as I'd originally thought....