This was too cute..

  1. I was working the floor at a nursing home passing 5p meds. One of the pt daughters ran out of the room with her mother's plate saying "there is a roach on her plate!!" I looked at the plate and there was a 3in black roach sitting on the potatoes. Needless to say I jumped and ran behind my med cart. She went down the hall and showed a few others, one being a CNA who Anyway, turns out it was a fake bug she baught from a local store. I didn't think it was funny at the time....LOL.
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  3. by   kennedyj
    lol. nursing homes often already have a bad rap without any help from the patients or families.
  4. by   LPN_mn
    Just think of the look on the state inspector had they been there at the time...LOL
  5. by   ERnursie
    I recently went into re-eval a 80 yr old.COPD pt. in the er when he said to me, " I can't breed" I asked, " you can't breath?" he kept saying the same thing, just about when I was getting concerned, I looked at his wife and she had a big smile on her face and said" listen to him carefully" Finally I realized what he was saying. I offered him some viagra. We all got a good laugh.---he still calls the ER every now and then to tell jokes late at night(I guess he is either bored or looking for an audience).