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Just read the story about the gal that swallowed her engagement ring that her boyfriend slipped into her milkshake. She didn't believe him until she saw the x-ray! Fortunately, the crisis passed ;) ... Read More

  1. by   bunsterj
    A Pierre Cardin cologne bottle in the rectum (this was in the 80's, the shape was a ball on top of a cylinder...there are images online, of the bottle, not the xray). An 8 ball from a set of pool balls, not the magic type as someone else had mentioned, in the rectum. Patient adamently denied any knowledge of how it got there, pre and post op, when it was shown to him.
  2. by   RescueNinja
    Quote from vivacious1healer
    My mother is an old OR nurse, and she told us some pretty funny stories of 'retrieval procedures' in surgery. The one that stands out was the big, long sweet potato stuck up the guy's rectum, and required it to be surgically removed! Needless to say, we can't have sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving anymore.....

    I took care of a patient that claimed to have ' swallowed his toothbrush'.....yeah right, that's why you had to have a hemi-colectomy! Can't imagine how he explained this to his wife and kids! geez!
    This would make me want to make sweet potatoes every single holiday just to tell the story!
  3. by   escpthemadnss
    Strangest thing I ever saw on an x-ray was when I was doing my ER rotation during clinicals. A guy comes in by ambulance, lower half of his body covered in blood. He complained of having "a little pain down there". X-ray showed one of those little eyeglass screwdrivers a couple inches up his urethra.
  4. by   SGT>Moody68w
    ok, here is yet another fb up the wazoo story. i'll keep it short and sweet. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>
    picture this: <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comffice:smarttags" /><st1ersonname w:st="on">er</st1ersonname> night shift. ambulance tones out for an inmate from the local prison with severe abd and rectal pain. so they bring him in, position of "comfort" face down on tha stretcher. pt's completely hysterical. so we assess him and have labs drawn and do an acute abd series. low&behold. the films come back and tha guy has a 1 liter water bottle that was apparently placed there by a few of the other inmates.<o></o>
    prolly tha most jaw dropping thing i had seen in awhile. lol<o></o>
  5. by   .MediKATE.
    I've seen a hellmans jar, a screw driver, vibrator, and various other just can't make this stuff up.hahaha
  6. by   becca001
    Okay, so this was from when I worked at the female prison. Had a female offender that had recently gotten into enough trouble that she was anticipating going into segregation. Now, offenders don't get many things while in seg, the whole point is that it is a form of punishment. So, this offender is anticipating this to happen on a Friday but lo and behold, the seg committee didn't convene for her offenses and she was forced to approach one of the male officers to request to go to sick bay and see a female nurse. Found in the vaginal area was a full pack of cigarettes, a lighter and tweezers. Said she placed them there and couldn't retrieve them when needed.
  7. by   esrun00
    Not really anything strange on xray: had pt go for both abd/pelvic ct and head ct. when the results came back the abd ct said "ventricles good" (or something along that line, it was years ago and the head ct came back "colon full of stool". we laughed all day.
  8. by   codeblue22
    Lady swallowed a spoon.. When asked if she felt the spoon going down (to examine gag reflex or cranial nerve damage), she replied, "the ice cream was so good I just kept shoveling it in, and lost the spoon."
  9. by   AgentBeast
    Quote from Purple_Scrubs
    Ahh, here come the foreign-object-in-rectum stories <gets tub="" of="" popcorn="" ready="">

    I know it is just a TV show, but I have never laughed so hard as that episode of Scrubs when the guy had the light bulb up his rear and when looking at the x-ray, Dr. Cox says "either that or his colon has a great idea"
    <gets tub="" of="" popcorn="" ready=""> Not the same without the actual video.
  10. by   R!XTER
    Quote from .MediKATE.
    I've seen a hellmans jar, a screw driver, vibrator, and various other just can't make this stuff up.hahaha
    Hellman's Jar????? OUCH!!!!!!
  11. by   R!XTER
    Didn't see this personally, but my co-worker told me a patient came to our ED a few years ago with a high fever. Origin could not be determined. No pneumonia, UTI, etc, everything looked good. She also had a very weird odor about her and no one could figure out where it was from. Finally after much investigation, they found that she had *grapes* up her vagina, couldn't get them out, and they were rotting.
    (I try not to think about that when I eat grapes )
  12. by   SnMrsSmiley
    just watched the scrubs utube and have LMAO love that
  13. by   netglow
    Well, I know you all got those stories AEB another thread discussion on the general forum is just the tip of the iceberg! And it's better told here in this section where those with stronger constitutions hang out... AEB the "grossest" threads.