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  1. by   hjwdancer
    Actual name of an OBGYN in VA area:
    Harry C. Beaver
  2. by   Adam D. RN2005
    Psychiatric Self Helf by M.I. Nuts
  3. by   Metron
    Trach Care by Mucus S. Green
  4. by   DusktilDawn
    Treatment Protocols for Tuberculosis: by Juan Bumalung
  5. by   Anhelo Impedio

    Yellow River by I.P. Strong

    Russian Tragedy by Cutja Cokoff.
  6. by   christvs
    "How to toughen up your heart" by Artur E. O. Sklerosis
    "Keep those cooties away" by Sue. D. Monas
  7. by   christvs
    "What not to eat" by Bill E. Meeya
    "How to be happy" by Sarah Tonyn
    "How to write 12 novels in just under one hour" by Manny Uh
    "Breathing easy" by Theo Fyleen
    'Emergency nursing" by All Byuterroll
    "Treating infections & sores" by Gran U. Lecks
  8. by   nurse4theplanet
    Spice Up Your Romance by Vye Agra
    Road to Recovery by Al Koholic
    The High Fiber Diet by Die Arrea
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    I Got A Fire in My Pants by Venereal D. Zees
  10. by   Angie O'Plasty
    [U]Textbook of Neurology[U] by Sara Bellum
  11. by   donsterRN
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty
    [u]Textbook of Neurology[u] by Sara Bellum
    Co-authored by Sir E. Brum
  12. by   grace90
    Caring For A Patient With MRSA, by Vanc O'Mycin
    When Your Patient Has Heartburn, by Prile O'Seck
    The Nauseated Post-op Patient, by Z.O. Fran and Ty Gan
    Passing Kidney Stones, by Yuri Teri Alstent
    Passing Kidney Stones version 2, by Lythe O'Tripsy
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  13. by   grace90
    I'm sick! I'm sick!, by Hy Poe Kondrea
    Drunk Driving and Road Safety, by Milt T Trama

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