Poll on Nursing Traits

  1. Ok guys, This is just a poll I wanted to do to see what are the 10 most common nursing traits lol. I think it will be pretty funny lol.
  2. Poll: What are you Funniest Nursing Traits

    • Signing your title on checks and other documents.

      50.67% 38
    • Swipping drug rep pens or medical supplies from your job.

      36.00% 27
    • Being the cure-all specialist for the neighborhood kids.

      20.00% 15
    • Your kid being the cure-all specialist for the neighborhood kids.

      5.33% 4
    • Using medical supplies in places they were never thought or meant to be used.

      36.00% 27
    • While eating dinner with friends or family, you are not allowed to discuss your day at work.

      34.67% 26
    • You hang your stethoscope over your rear-view mirror to limit the chances of you getting a ticket when going to work late.

      18.67% 14
    • You answer you home phone or cell phone as though it was the work phone.

      25.33% 19
    • You dont give your family any sympathy unless there is a severed limb involved.

      54.67% 41
    • You pride yourself on going without foods for days.

      16.00% 12
    75 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   nrw350
    Also please post any new common traits lol.
  5. by   Flynurse
    Stethescope over the rear view mirror...don't know how this habbit started????
  6. by   nrw350

    Cop: "Boy there sure are a lot of ER nurses, many more than I would have ever thought!"

  7. by   sbic56
    I can so relate with the title added to my sig on checks. They probably think we're bragging...
  8. by   mert
    I had an "accident with the garage door window, a few months back. Hypofix sealed the crasks quite well, temporarily.
  9. by   nrw350
    I have to vote swipping drug rep pens even though I am not a nurse lol. I work a mini storage and we have drug reps who store their products in our climate controll facility and they give us pens often. A couple of them have followed me home lol.
  10. by   altomga
    Is it good or bad that I can relate to every one of these?
    This made me laugh
  11. by   nrw350
    I think that it can be good, simply for the laugh. Most importantly, it shows that we are all human.
  12. by   moz
    Once we went to dinner with some friends and the guy, a truck driver tried to have a gross out contest with me. I won and he won't play again
  13. by   jadednurse
    I think in all fairness you'd have to add the ability to clean up dog or cat (or any other living thing) feces, vomit, urine etc. without getting grossed out. Hey, cleaning up excrement is all in a day's work!
  14. by   nrw350
    heh, makes sense
  15. by   karenG
    hmm think I have done all of them except hang ny stethascope over the mirror! my family think the worst is that they get no sympathy over injuries unless death is immentient or a limb severed!! my dad has banned nurse talk at meal times- he shouldnt have married a nurse! and both my sister and I are nurses.......so what do you expect?? maybe thats why he only invites us both round, together, at christmas!!


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