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I thought this would be a fun topic since nurses are the most superstitious people in the world! I believe that disaster will strike if someone says the "Q" word. I even cringe if a patient says... Read More

  1. by   BrandyBSN
    too weird
  2. by   CATHYW
    We surely all belong to the same club! One of the first things I learned in ER (from an old ER nurse) was you ALWAYS turned the light out after you cleaned a room, and did not turn it on again until you actually had a patient going in the room. She said that it just invited more people to come to ER. I have to say, the lady was right! I even checked defibs, crash carts, and trauma carts by the light of an x-ray box, just to avoid turning on the light. As an older nurse, I taught this to several other folks who were amazed by it. However, there were some times that nothing worked-they came anyway!
    The q word was a dangerous one, as was talking about FF/PIA's. Also, there are some people you work with that just seem to have what it takes to draw folks that keep you running all shift. God forbid somebody calls in sick, and you have to have a nurse not familiar with ER pulled to help you (no slam intended). Another RN and I had that happen one night, and we got 3 MI's all who received TPA, within 30 minutes. Of course the rest of the ER was bouncing, too!
  3. by   kimberle
    If someone is really ill, we tie a knot in the sheet at the foot of the bed - keeps them from coding....
    I'm about ready to have a cleansing myself - it seems whenever I'm on lately there's always some medical emergency - people are joking about worrying about working with me, but I'm getting paranoid myself! There hasn't been any rhyme or reason to it, just happening - this last time I worked the night shift charge had just left and in I walked and the emergency started! Aargh!
  4. by   newpsychrn
    on our ward we never mention a former patient's full name because that means they will be re-admitted again---psych is a revolving door
  5. by   deespoohbear
    I have the dubious honor of attracting all the GI bleeds!! It was so bad one year that my supervisor left me a note saying that if she ever had a GI bleed she wanted me to take of her because I had the most experience!! The Q word is definitely off limits, I have threatened dastardly things to the person who says it. At our facility, some of believe that if you actually even think of a frequent flier/PIA pt, they will show up to haunt you. Always leave the bed sheets pulled down to prevent an admission. My personal favorite superstition is patients always die at meal time or shift change!!!!! LOL!!
  6. by   KIWIRN
    yes the Q word is asking for trouble
    and murphy's law always comes in to play!
    if you haven't had a chance to give a post-op a vomit bowl you can guarantee they'll need it b4 you can get one to them!
  7. by   Sable's mom
    I'm just l9oving this thread. I work in L & D now in a small hospital, used to do NICU in a large one. anyway, it sure is true that nurses are more superstitous than voodoo priestesses.

    We have one pp room that is called our looney tunes room - it is a certainity that anyone admitted to that room is or will become crazy.

    Of course, the Q word or S*** or I'm bo*** is NEVER spoken.

    Don't open the drawer of prenatal records or touch the prenat book under any circumstances or it will be CRAZY soon.

    Never schedule Linda And Tina or Ronnie and Kathleen to the same shift - disaster is sure to follow.
  8. by   codebluechic
    Hey! It's nice to see my old post back again.
  9. by   spudflake

    How true all of these posts are! We have stopped planning pot lucks because that's a SURE sign that it will be busy

    Always have the room ready...and it won't be as bad as it sounds

    Frequent flyers have special hearing and KNOW when you mention their don't.

    Are these really superstitions??? From all the posts I believe these are scientifically proven FACTS!!!!
  10. by   schmrock
    I work in an emergency room that sees approximately 45,000 patients a year. We are VERY superstitious.

    We NEVER say the Q word, Everything DOES happen in 3's, NEVER mention a frequent flier's name because they WILL show up, if someone isn't doing well you put the crash cart outside the door to ward off evil spirits. And yes there is something to be said about a FULL MOON.
  11. by   samrn32
    All the above are very true
    We recently had a pt I was to dc foley and bladder scan after void
    and prn , as we have no storage space I plugged the bladder
    scanner in an empty room soon we had a direct admit in that room next I plugged the bladder scan in another empy room soon
    we had another direct admit in THAT room . both were AMI's which
    were transferred to a larger facility with a cath lab.
    after that we left the bladder scanner in the hall .
  12. by   tbearrn
    Obviously, the Q word...

    We also never say "I'm bo***"--sure to invite disaster.

    We stopped calling ER to find out if they had anything waiting for us before sending an extra nurse home--we were sure to call them back for a AMI within the hour.

    Don't utter the phrase "[insert frequent flyer's name] is back on [another floor in the hospital]" because they're sure to code or decomp and come to ICU.

    Never tell the new girl that having only 1 pt. and the 1st admit is a good thing--that admit will be a crasher!!! (I speak from experience )

    Never go to lunch and give the report to the nurse covering for you that your patient is "doing just fine"--when you get back, they'll be on Dopamine, Dobutrex, and Levophed and still have no pressure.

    And, we too, ALWAYS leave the bedsheets turned down if we don't get the admit just to ward off any future ones.
  13. by   LadyLurker
    Man oh man, I had no idea that *all* nurses were this superstitious! I thought it was just my bunch of loonies.

    Anyways, besides all the other mentioned superstitions, we have a few peculiar ones at my LTC facility.

    I can never NEVER wear red socks. Someone always dies when I do.
    One particular aide is NOT allowed to enter the room of a resident that is dying. If she does, it's *guaranteed* that the resident will pass away, on my shift, during my med pass, or at shift change.
    We never mention the PIA residents' names out loud, especially if we haven't heard their call bell in a while. Sometimes, even *thinking* about them, will invoke a call bell marathon.
    When arranging flowers, never ever put just red and white flowers together. That invites death into the home. I run around like a mad woman, adding little yellow or purple flowers to all the beautifully done red/white arrangements.

    We also have the haunted beds, and the beds that have taken on the personalities of their previous owners... and pass those personalities on to new occupants. Honest to Pete, one bed in my facility has *always* had a little old lady who sleeps with her purse, and pinches our boobs! And we've been open for 18 years, and have a high number of residents in that bed. Even if someone is in that bed short term, they take on that personality, and it leaves when they change beds..... it's just too freaky.

    About the Q word.... one night, I worked with a nursing student who worked as an aide part time. She uttered the Q word. We all jumped on her, and told her to NEVER ever say that word, or dire things would happen. She laughed at us old-timers, and spent the next few minutes saying the Q word over and over again.
    Within the next hour, we had 2 falls, a transport to hospital, 4 call in sick for day shift, and one staff member started having diarrhea.
    I, as the night charge nurse, made her do the vitals and HIR on the two falls.
    She has learned her lesson. :-)

    Great thread!