Nurse Power!

  1. So the hospital is burning down, and the last group is being airlifted from the roof, six Doctors and a Nurse, all dangling from a rope under the helicopter. The pilot yells,
    "One of you will have to let go, or we'll all die!"
    The Nurse makes a tragic speech, saying,
    "I will do it, I am only a Nurse, and a woman, and I always make sacrifices for men generally, and Doctors in particular! Don't try to stop me!"
    The Doctors can't help but applaud her.

    Never underestimate the power of a woman!
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    Thanks Donmurray! You made my day!!!!!

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    Hey.....did you hear that.....the Queen is laughing!!!!!!
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    Thankyou for the laugh!
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    LMAO........That was wonderful!


    Thought I heard Florence {{{snickering}}}
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