Nervous patients

  1. Check this out--The other night I was to start an IV on an elderly gentleman with impossible veins. He was terribly afraid of needles. I didn't have any luck on my first try. So, I tried on his other arm next. He was so nervous that I felt sorry for him...Big time! I decided to use humor to distract him. I told the following joke:
    How many nurses does it take to push a patient out of bed?
    None--he fell!!!

    Seriously, the humor DID help!
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  3. by   pghfoxfan
    I agree! I use humor all the time!~

    It is a great healer too
  4. by   gwenith
    I always tell them that I will get the pan fast before the goverment slaps a tax on bedpans - that cracks everyone up!