Naughty Tricks!

  1. I'd love to know of any tricks people have played on their collegues/student nurses at work.

    I have too many to chose from, but my faves are:

    Sending the new student next door to get some left-handed syringes/IV paracetomol/etc - the oldest are the best.

    Have done this one a couple of times, but this is the best one.
    Once, when we had an empty bed, we decided to "invent" a patient for it. We put an anatomical head in it, wrapped in a bandage; attached a urinary catheter filled with something to make it look like wee; filled the bed with pillows; and even borrowed another patients false leg (the patients idea) and invented a name for the "new" patient. When the night staff came on, we handed over "Mr Smith" as having had a massive sub-arrachnoid haemorrage, GCS of 3, pupils fixed and dilated, and was for TLC. We brought the curtains round the bed, and I handed him over at the bedside. All the day staff then ran off and hid. Poor Sandra went behind the curtains, and shone her pen tourch in. We then heard her say to Sarah, "He doesn't look too good." Sarah went in and we just heard a slight scream. We all came out laughing.

    :chuckle :chuckle

    Have also pretended a patient had died in what was actually an empty cubicle. Dan, one of the nurses, laid in the bed, with an IV "attached", a bandage wrapped round his head, talc on his face, with the sheet half covering his face. We got another nurse from the ward next door to come and help "lay him out". I went in the room with her, but then said, "OH I'll just a and so." And left her with the "body". Dan then suddenly jerked his arms and sat up! Kelly screamed and ran out the room!

    Oooh, we're a nasty lot!
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  3. by   CCURN
    I had this hilarous joke played on me last week, I work in a CCU/ICU at a big city hospital, and I was up for first admit. So my charge nurse gives me the info on her pager, and I take report on this 34 yr old male, Hgb 4.2, GI bleed, trached, para, MRSA, 30 family members, the patient is swearing and shouting. His name is benny iazepam......I bought into the whole thing. A work collegue had hid in one of the rooms and was pretending to be a RN in the ER. I am on the phone to her saying he sounded like a joke patient.....not knowing that it was........................I was already to take the patient when she had to tell me....Everyone was laughing, including myself....It was hilarous. You had to be there..........................................
    Funny for her that she did get a very similar patient the same day, so what goes around does indeed come around............
  4. by   TazziRN
    Pt died in CCU one night and the body was taken down to the hospital morgue by two CNA's. On the way back there came an understanding of the evil minds. One of them climbed on the gurney and covered himself completely with a sheet. The other pushed the gurney back to the CCU and told the lone nurse that the morgue was full. She parked the gurney behind the nurses station against the wall and left. After a while the nurse heard a noise and looked up. In the reflection of the sliding glass door in front of her (remember, this is the middle of the night) she could see the body slowly sit up. Apparently the scream is still talked about to this day.......
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Well, 13 years after three units got together to trick the newest nurse in delivery (me) on April Fools by insisting there was a patient coming in delivering in the ER, causing me to hightail it down there nearly having an MI only to be greeted by april fools!The ER staff felt so badly upon seeing my reaction that they actually offerred to send one of them up on a stretcher screaming so I could get back at my lovely co workers. Instead I opted to let them all think that someday I would get them all back with the mother of all April Fools jokes. The one prankster who was the ringleader ( and continues to be a very good friend) STILL schedules herself off every April Fools day....
  6. by   gwenith
    There is always the favourite on of putting ECG gel on teh phone earpiece and ringing the phone Yes? Splooot earful of ECG gel! eeeewwwwww!
  7. by   majrn
    We got the unit secretary once. Unit secretary is very much a neat nick. Had a pt with orders for UA. We took specimen cup, filled it with lemonade and a few cracker crumbs to resemble sediment. Let the lemonade drip down the outside of the cup and sat it on the counter where she sits in the station while she was up. When she came back her reactions was priceless. She was grossed out.
  8. by   Zee_RN
    Oh, majrn, we have a unit secretary like that! Before she starts her day, she wipes down everything with disinfectant! Phone, counter, pens, keyboard, everything!! I'm gonna have to try that! *evil grin*