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:eek: There I was, floor supervisor, when asked to assist the M.D. check a patient's Decubitus. The "pt" was a bil. amputee, and had the worst hip decubitus I had ever seen. The M.D. takes a look,... Read More

  1. by   shygirl
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  2. by   okihusker
    I was floated to the General Medicine ward that was known for its multitude of confused patients. I was called into a room by an elderly male looking for his dentures. I scoured the room for his dentures and they could not be found. As I was calling the Inpatient Kitchen to see if they found dentures lying on a meal tray (which often happens), a CNA asked me to come to that room when I was finished to help clean this patient has he a had a large BM. This patient had C diff too. When we turned him to clean his back side of the large pool of diarrhea he was lying in, I found his dentures (uppers and lowers) and they were buried in his crotch and basted in the ungoodly pool of stool. The CNA removed the duntures and placed them on top of a towel on the bedside table. When we were finished, and tucking this gentleman in, he goes "Theres my choppers and stuufs them in his mouth. We both had our backed turned collecting the soiled linens and di not realize what he did until we peiced together his statement an that his denturs, that wee previous soaked in C Diff stool, were back in his mouth. Needless to say his oral hygeine that he received after this was better than if he seen a dental hygeinest.
  3. by   JonRN
    Rats, maggots, cockroaches, we have seen it all. Once had a guy in ER with the good old crabs. While he was waiting to be seen, he picked them off and lined them up on the mayo like little soldiers. When the doc came in he showed the doc what he had done. The doc said "don't be doin' that", and the guy said OK and took his hand and spread the crabs all over the room. We had to close the room and get the bug man to fumigate. I swear, everytime I went in that room after that I would start itching.

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    How funny, have never heard coaches coming out of children's ears.
    Have seen worms coming out of children's nose and mouth.
    How about that?

    You can bring an ass to the well, but you cant make him drink!
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    When I worked in worked in the hospital years ago, there was this patient and his skin was literally deteriorating, and they assigned me to him, I could remember vididly how I cried long tears, and told the doctor I want to go home. I could never forget that scence. That was frightening because I was just a student nurse.
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    About 3 Halloweens ago, I was residing upstairs of this clinical facility, am tired just got home from shopping, two guys and a gal, shoesless, knocked on the door and said they needed assistance because the gal was viisiting and fell sick and needed some assistance.Now instead of one man, there were apparently two.
    But I did not know this until I went downstairs to assess the client, while in the midst of my assessment and asking him to sit down so that I could complete it, this lady was dressed in a long wig and a red dress with a cloth belt, and said to me in a "Male voice" Nurse do you know who this is? I almost drop to the ground with fear, and anger at the same time. Literally I almost got a heart attack, they left laughing and running, That was one of the most angry nights that I could recall.

    You talk about some Wocos, the goes some.