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  1. Our head nurse is nearing retirement--she has seen just about everything come through our rural L&D unit and always looks calm and unruffled. Recently she was attending the labor of a very emotional 16 yr old. The girl was having alot of pain, writhing on the bed, fighting her contractons, swearing and refused to consider epidural analgesia ("No one's putting a f***** needle in my back!!!") Streams of obscenities erupted from her room. I stepped in to see if the nurse needed a break just in time to hear the girl yell "F*** F*** F***" right into the nurse's face. With absolute calm, the nurse patted the girl's arm and said "Now you've already done that part. It's time to have the baby."
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    I love it! I wish I could come up with those witty remarks off the cuff when I have those out of control patients!
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    Oh my, I can see the incident reports and the complaint files now.
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    It brings back a nasty memory of a an 14 or 15 yr old who would scream get your fu**ing hands out of me anytime anyone got close to her. She even pushed and swung at our docs when they got close. Her platelets were in the 90's and no one would consider giving her an epidural.
    she was a monster with a mouth putting fear into the hearts of all the other laboring moms. The wouldn't listen when we told her not to push before she was complete. Of coarse she didnt care and ended up lacerating her cervix and wow did she scream during the repair. The midwife would stitch then duck away from her swinging and kicking. it took forever. a good patient to start on norplant.
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    14 or 15? How sad! Want to bet it was rape or molestation? Those girls have horrible deliveries because anything in the genital area reminds them of the abuse they have suffered. Plus, she was probably scared out of her mind, not just of the pain but of motherhood. Have compassion, because children having children is wrong.
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    We need to wake up 14 and 15 year olds are having consensual sex everyday. The world has changed. Have compassion but not because they have been molested but that our children are growing up too soon
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    In my 11 years doing L&D and my previous 4 yrs as a public health nurse, I've seen only a handful of pregnant teens due to rape or abuse. By far the majority are a result of consensual sex. The last 16 year old I was with tried for 5 months to get pregnant with her 19 year old boyfriend. In my PHN days, I saw a sad number of girls age 15+ who got pregnant to gain emancipated minor status and move out of their parent(s) home--some were terrible homes but some were decent families who just had rules the girls didn't want to follow. I could go on & on but I'm sure you've all seen similar things! The encouraging news in my part of the land is that our state teen pregnancy rate is going down. 20 years of prevention education is starting to show! And yes, we must have compassion for all of our patients and help them to be the best parents they can. As the mom & survivor of three teens, I know these girls have no idea of the things to come!!!!!
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    I agree. coming from the northeast. meaning New York, Connecticut. there were lots of girls becoming pregnant . the youngest one I saw while doing my L&D rotation was 12years old. broken homes and lack of parenting make these girls go elswhere for attention. only to find something else. some girls mature physically more than others. and boys and men show them lots of attention/affection so they think. just to remember. they are children and do not really comprehend what happens in the aftermath of everything. kim LPN