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1) When you forget to flush the toilet, you get a complete analysis with a plan on how to correct any noted problems. 2) Thanksgiving dinner comes in pre-cut small pieces because she doesn't want... Read More

  1. by   mockiern
    when i was in nursing school, my than 9 yr. old son peter walked up to his teacher and announced i have to "emesis". since she had no idea what he meant he did it all over her.
  2. by   RN2B2005
    My personal theory of parenting is, if the baby isn't choking and isn't on fire, then he's probably OK.

    My sister-in-law is seriously uptight about her children eating 'normal' food, playing in the dirt, or doing anything else children do. My 18 month old son was eating M&M's and so I gave some to his cousins. My sister-in-law promptly took them away and proceeded to lecture me on the choking hazard posed by hard candy. Rather cavalierly, I said "Well, if he chokes, everyone in the room knows the Heimlich, and two of us are good at it." If looks could kill...
  3. by   cricket913
    Oh yeah, I hear ya! I pick ER and medical shows to death! Since I'm an OB nurse the worst are deliveries on TV. The woman has 10 minutes of labor, sweats a lot, moans and groans quietly, pushes twice and pops out the kiddo. The most amazing thing is after they deliver this grimy newborn ( yeah right) covered in cream cheese and strawberry jam everyone forgets to deliver the placenta! Think about it - have you ever seen them deliver a placenta?? How many women are running around with retained placentas? Pleezze!
  4. by   flaerman
    When I was married my wife and I who are both nurses would rag all the medical shows and discuss things at the dinner table that would just drive her kids up the wall. We'd always hear, "all right guys, you're not at work". My girlfriend now gets on me when I hold her hand telling me I don't need to take her pulse, and when she tells any type of pain complaint she has I try to question her like a pt(where,severity,radiation,etc). And I still have a problem in public not looking at large bulging veins on someone thinking, "I could hit that easy, no problem".--Paul
  5. by   Liann
    You all are just too funny! I am not a nurse, but a medical technologist, in a trauma hospital laboratory , and I too pick at medical shows. Family wont watch with me and wonders why I insist on tuning in every week!

    My kids know that taking a tylenol and getting some sleep is the universal cure all. And I have used the line about "no bone or spurting blood , no problem"

    When I am with friends who are not in medical field and are griping about a bad day, I can trump them all...."Did anybody DIE? Well, then it wasnt so bad, was it???"
  6. by   howie122832
    In my house... Its' " if your not bleeding and no bones are poking through your skin... your fine!"
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    My kids have the same rules. They know it takes a lot to impress me, and I'm sorry, but a scratch or a head cold just don't cut it. While other peoples' kids whine about their sore throats, mine know they only get to stay home from school if they've thrown up at least twice and/or are running a fever >102.5. And if they get hurt in PE, and it's not severe enough to merit a trip to urgent care, it waits until they get home. Some folks who are NOT nurses think I'm nuts, but I don't treat my kids any differently than I do myself---when I was working, I never stayed home unless I couldn't get my head off the pillow (or out of the toilet).
    I just love it when the 11-year-old gets a headache and goes to the office to lie down for a while, and the secretary gets all bent out of shape because no one will take him home (we have only one school nurse for the entire district, and we're lucky if she gets to spend an hour a week at the middle school). I wonder sometimes what century the school people think we're living in anyway---they still seem to think we moms are all still at home scrubbing tile or something. But that's a different subject........
  8. by   JBudd
    My mom gave me a cruise through the Mediterranian with her. I worked the night shift, caught the plane and 2 jetlagged days later was in Italy staring at Michelangelo's David. All I had ever heard was how anatomically correct it was, not that certain parts were enlarged for strength etc. The statue is placed high on a pedestal, so the feet are basically at eye level. My very first thought was "wow! what a lot of edema he's got! and I could put a 16 in those arms without a tourniquet!" then "he's got Marfan's!" (because the hands are enlarged to show power).

    Great art and I just don't mix I guess.:roll :imbar
  9. by   adrienurse
    Most friends think I'm crazy, fortunately though I have one friend who is a Social Worker and also works with people with dementia who do bizarre things. Whenever I'm out in a group, we inevitably start talking shop and it all goes downhill from there. They look at us and shake their heads. You do this for a living?
  10. by   RN auditor
    If my kids have a complaint (and with 4 kids, one always has a complaint), I have to remind them I get paid to give compassion and now I am off duty. My husband can get pretty frustrated when I don't take his complaints seriously.
  11. by   nimbex
    The school "nurse" calls you to pick up your "sick" child... and you give them the third degree.....

    temp? vomit (mucus or bile), diarrhea (did you see it)... after they answer yes to all of the above... you ask...

    Do they have a test next period?

    Then the principal gets on the line... and you know you've gone too far :-)

  12. by   takararose
    when ever my kid gets hurt like running into the wall, i pick her up, make sure there is no blood, then go examine the wall to see if it got sympathy for hubby's ails blood no bones no need for me, lol
  13. by   karenG
    amazing anyone wants to live with us!!

    my husband hit his thumb with a sledgehammer........and I rolled around laughing. did not go down well!!

    no blood, no bone showing sympathy!