Hilarious Gangnam Style OB/Gyne parody music video - page 2

So this is so funny...this was made at a hospital in Canada and it's been all over the news because some people are too sensitive and found it incorrect. I thought it was hilarious! Link to... Read More

  1. by   RNAnnjeh
    RE: Candians wearing scrub dresses.....

    No---well, some do. Personal choice. Those are the old-style scrub dresses that I'm sure many of the hospitals still have kicking around. Great costume for the video though!

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    Quote from sapphire18
    I don't see the video as being offensive, but I also didn't think it was very entertaining, either.

    PS. Do nurses in Canada really wear dresses?
    No we dont really wear dresses LOL! Just regular scrubs...
  4. by   Hayz22
    love it