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  1. by   lfswartz
    Here in the great state of Florida, we have a cardio-thoracic surgeon named Dr. Hurt and an urologist named Dr. Hatchett. I don't know if this is a good omen or bad.
  2. by   CTURNEY
    My husband won't get a vasectomy, he doesn't trust the urologist (Dr. Hardaway)
    Two local chiropractors who have recently partnered up are Dr. Hurt and Dr. Hollar.
  3. by   CathyPaula
    My childhood dentist was Dr. Feely. We used to say he was "feeling down in the mouth."
  4. by   Sylvia
    In my city, we have a major hospital on Gore Street.
  5. by   KidzRN
    I worked with a Director of Ragiology year back who's name was Ken Dover. While introducing him one day I incorrectly called him Ben. You get the picture now....." the Director of Radiology Ben Dover".

    OMG! Iwas so embarrassed as was Mr. Dover. I surely expected a pink slip later that day....thank goodness he had a good sense of humor!
  6. by   leesonlpn
    Up north we had a chiropractor named Dr. Mangle. My sister who is a physiotherapist said, he probably did.
  7. by   icombs
    I'm a big guy and the only male working with kids and Adults in an Outpatient Oncology Treatment center. a 3 year-old that comes in frequently for chemo, can't remember my name but referrs to me as " you know mom, the big guy the 'Daddy Nurse' "
  8. by   nurs4kids
    We've had some pretty funny named patients..can't remember them all, here's a few:

    Twins: Orangejello and Lemonjello..prounced Orangello and Lemangello

    Dalastin..Prounced "da last un"..they had another child within a year

    Justin Time...

    Sunshine Jump..

    Fuc*aye Mann..prounced Fuquay Mann
  9. by   Demelza
    We work with a Dr. Phaterpecker. No not a urologist but a psychologist! His patients really struggle with his name.
  10. by   TracieMFountain
    Last week I floated to another unit, and I thought the girls were playing a joke. I picked up the chart of a Mr. Harry Butz!

    In our ER we also have a nice looking Dr. Bunz.
  11. by   mattcastens
    My cousin's OB/BYN is Dr. Washbusch. That'll make you pause.
  12. by   P_RN
    I was napping onthe drive back from Orlando last spring. I woke up when the others in the car were laughing....there was a sign....I swear that said:


    I kind of did a doubletake. There was a lake, but it was really for a doctors' office. Oh well....imagine the mental pictures though.
  13. by   Polarbear
    I went to high school with a guy named Harry Butt. didn't like being teesed and beat the hell of whom ever teesed him

    We have a Dr. Slaughter in are ICU. and a pt named Ima Hooker. the first time I heard that I couldn't needle someone because I was trying hard not to laugh but was shaking like a leaf.