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We had a patient the other day that had to be fiberopticaly intubated due to a fractured C-spine. he also had a head truama so was a little loopy. he was biting on his tube. and his nurse... Read More

  1. by   joyflnoyz
    Having worked in Texas, I discovered that just becaue someone can't SPEAK English doesn't mean they do not UNDERSTAND...
  2. by   formernurse
    I totally agree with SmilingBlueEyes. If I were the patient, you had better sedate me and treat me like a human, not a vegetable. What they did to this patient was cruel, callous and totally unacceptable. AND not one bit funny. As for the language barrier, body language would certainly get the message across to the patient. Just think if it were one of you---or a member of your family!!!
  3. by   alansmith52
    well. I guess these are the things that make you people the very best nurses on the face of the earth. there ya go I said it. I mean thats all your looking for posting the types of things you have anyway. nurses are like crabs. if you fill a bucket with crabs one will eventually get his claw over the edge but will be pulled down by the others.
    this was a humor thread. my patient (not the one being yelled at) was the funny one. the funny thing is that it was so inaproprate. and I hoped you coud all imagine the look on my patients face. but you can't can you. you always have to be the bossy nurse going from room to room looking for somthing another nurse is doing wrong. you are the nurse that makes me sick. for this reason I don't think anyone should come into nursing. there is a shortage for a reason and likely, more than anything, it is due to the less than savory people in the profession already. do you wanna die is somthing you clearly do not say to a patient and to me that is whats so funny about it It is sooooo easy to always take the easy negative reaction. try to get a little culture and listen to people. learn from people around you. gain some emotional intellegence. or are you just the best. Have you been at it for 20 or 30 years and thus have become unteachable.
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  4. by   sbic56

    I got it!!:roll :roll :roll

    Great retort, too! If we can't see the humor in what we go through day to day, we'll go nuts. I'm with you all the way.
  5. by   kookyscientist
    sbic56 Me too. I was starting to think I was the only one who got it!
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ummm, ok whatever ..guess it's an ICU/ANESTHESIA thang and "ya had to be there". it sure sounded different to me than that...but now that you explained, i get it a bit more.
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  7. by   inSANE
    I nearly fell of my chair and woke my wonderful slumbering 5 yr old on the floor (miracle here....nap?) You kill me! I would have spent the night in tears.....and it's all about the other patient's reaction to the conversation going on in the other room. People get a grip here, we aren't here to critique each other's work. LAUGH A LITTLE, you won't be so constipated!
  8. by   nursecheryl
    I have to admit I was laughing. I agree with Alan's quote, nurses are like crabs. if you fill a bucket with crabs one will eventually get his claw over the edge but will be pulled down by the others. You need to laugh sometimes and see the humor in things or it will drive you crazy. I use to work ICU and it is very stressful and you have to laugh sometimes. I'd hate to hear what you gal's would say if you heard what some of us nurses and doctors use to laugh at. What I found funny was that it sounded like they were being mean but they weren't really being mean at all. They were giving him a warning about what he was going to cause and didn't realize what it sounded like. That is the funny part. The nurse and doctor didn't even realize when they said it what it sounded like or I'm sure they wouldn't have been saying it. Hasn't any of you said something and later thought about it and realized what that may have sounded like. I'm sorry its funny.
  9. by   MPHkatie
    that we all get the situation *in* the room was very serious, the outside reaction was actually funny.
    Just as a sidebar- I was an intubated pt for about 2 months- I was a sucky vent wean and the surgeon didn't want to trach me, because he really believed I would be extubated the next day. I self extubated twice. In my mind (which was a little loopy- depressed skull fx and then some other injuries) *logic* prevailed ie: if I can get this thing stuck in my throat out, I can breathe. The second time, the intern came in, looked me square in the face, and said "dont do that again, or you will die, help us out here" Well, I didn't do it again, I didn't die, and he is now a practicing tramua surgeon with a huge compassionate heart- calls me every year on my birthday and Christmas (He says all through my time in the unit, he wanted me to have another birthday and Christmas, concious and alert). Nope, it wasn't theraputic, but I did get the message. And, I hadn't gotten the more theraputic messages- I don't even remember them. So, if I ever roll into your unit the way I did before, feel free to holler at me Alan...having been there, I can say, it works. DOn't really advocate this with A and O pt's, but in my case sure did the trick...

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