Christian Nurse's Acrostic Poem

  1. a christian nurse's gift

    [color=#33cc00]a nurse's gift to her patient, to serve, to reach, to pray, to be an example of what christ was.
    [color=#33cc00]a~a christian nurse! how best to help others today?

    c~called to serve the lord in a very special way.
    h~having a heart to help the hurting one-the ill.
    r~reaching out, giving so much more than just a pill.
    i~ in prayer for those he daily entrusts to your care.
    s~seeking his divine will to be a blessing there.
    t~tenderly caring, as the great physician heals
    i~ in empathy dealing with how your patient feels.
    a~always striving to do more than duty demands.
    n~nurses committed to the lord are his own hands,
    n~nurturing the sick one skillfully back to health.
    u~unselfishly serving him without thought of wealth,
    r~realizing the blessedness of your giving
    s~serving the saviour, dear nurse-what joyful living!
    e~envision in heaven, his pleased salute "well done!"
    s~smiling as you stand glowing before him-god's son.
    g~greater riches than mere earthly money or fame
    i~ is the timeless reward of nursing in his name.
    f~forever knowing that your work is then complete. . .
    t~there won't be one sick person in heaven to treat!

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    [color=#33cc00][font=book antiqua]i think society has painted a somewhat negative picture of what a nurse is and the meaning behind the profession. so, when i found this it was very refreshing to see something positive, in a negative world.
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    [color=#33cc00][font=book antiqua]i wasn't sure exactly where to put this, so it can be moved wherever need be. but i thought this was totally wonderful.



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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    mandi....thanks for sharing this inspirational poem.
  4. by   blueyesue
    I think it is beautiful. Thank you.
  5. by   spiceyqueen
    i think that really great. its amazing how spirituality( not specific to christianity) and nursing are linked
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    Very nice. Thank you.
  7. by   CrownHunter
    I really liked the poem. thank you for sharing.
  8. by   Blessed2beStressed
    beautiful. thank you for sharing
  9. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I love it !!! I'm a christian nurse and can't wait to share it with others. Every day before I go to work I pray to God that he blesses me to be prudent and competent while serving patients.
  10. by   loidbarr
    I am also a christian nurse. Thanks for the nice poem.

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