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  1. by   prmenrs
    Quote from texas2007
    One of our admitting diagnoses is "Full term neonate with major problems". OK then...Have seen it on multiple charts...

    An intern I remember fondly once wrote, "Condition: dire straights". (OK. it was the last day of internship! lol)
  2. by   peridotgirl
    Quote from elvish
    for bladder retraining purposes, you can put a foley in to intermittent drainage.
    what does that mean?
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Quote from peridotgirl
    what does that mean?
    example - someone has had a foley in for a while. once in a while, the bladder 'forgets' how to expand and contract to allow someone to hold their urine and then void when they want/need to once the foley is out.

    to keep from having to i&o cath someone over and over in the hospital (multiple catheterizations = increased uti chances), you can leave the foley in but keep it plugged. every so often you can unplug the catheter and allow the urine to drain out. this retrains the bladder to expand (while urine is collecting there) and contract (while the catheter drains the urine out) at intervals. hence, bladder training.

    back to the regularly scheduled thread. :d
  4. by   morte
    Quote from peridotgirl
    what does that mean?
    that the foley would be clamped, to "retrain" the bladder,
  5. by   ElvishDNP
    Clamped, I mean. Clamped. Thanks for the clarification, morte.
  6. by   morte
    Quote from Elvish
    Clamped, I mean. Clamped. Thanks for the clarification, morte.
    oh dear, el....your post came up WHILE i was posting....if i were clarifing, i would have been, hmmm somewhat hmm nicer????at least danced around it a
  7. by   ElvishDNP
    Nah. No worries here.....didn't mean MY post to come out the way it sounded either. Sorry.
  8. by   Hilinenursegrl
    As I was reading through the chart of a pt I was taking care of I noticed that the clinic doc, one of the most loved in the facility charted, "Cyst on left tit" I almost peed myself reading that note. But it was true, she did indeed have a cyst on her left tit!
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  9. by   Conrad283
    Not a blooper, I actually wrote this in a pt's chart.

    D: Pt had large loose BM this evening.
    R: Pt reports feeling much better
  10. by   lisapat63
    "*****" drainage
  11. by   Lovetobenurse
    I read this one on our twenty four hours nurse report: antifungal in urine!
  12. by   PhillyRN82
    Just came across a funny note from a newly grad nurse:

    "Received patient on bed, comatose, GCS 3/15 but patient is ambulatory with assistance. "

  13. by   TomCCRN1991
    I once saw an order that said: O2@4L/Foley cath. I think he meant it to be 2 separate orders.