Breast Blooper

  1. The story about the med. students who wrote "Breasts: big and beautiful" in a pt's chart reminded me of a true story which appeared in "Stitches" magazine.

    A nursing student was helping an elderly lady with her AM care. The woman had brought her personal effects to the hospital in a small suitcase, you know, the heavy-duty type with reinforced metal edges that is able to take anything the airlines can dish out in the way of abuse. Anyway, when the student closed the suitcase, the woman's pendulous, saggy breast got caught in it, and was cut badly enough to need stitches.

    The poor student was at the nursing station trying to fill out the incident report when a very red-faced young doctor appeared at the door. "Are there two Mrs. Smiths on this ward?" he asked.

    Yes, the student explained, there were. One was a young lady in her 20's, and the other was the elderly woman with the injured breast. "So THAT explains it!" the physician said, blushing. "I went to the wrong room, and asked the OTHER Mrs. Smith if I could see her breast!"
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    We had some students on the floor and were passing meds. I happend to be in the room with one patient and a student had the other, a rather elderly lady. She was going to give her digoxin and was looking for an apical pulse, her instructor happened to be right outside the room so the student called her and said "i can't hear her aipical pulse". the teacher came in and i glanced over and notice the student had her scope down near the patients waist, puzzled the teacher asked her why it was there and she replied "Well, you said it's usually under the left nipple!" Needles to say i had to immedialy leave the room and go to the bathroom so my laughter didn't embarass the student.
  4. by   sleepysnr
    haha both of these stories are funny