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Ok, true story here. A while back I was working the night shift and was relieved to have a few days off. On those days off I would sleep at night so I could spend time with hubby. One night... Read More

  1. by   CrufflerJJ
    Quote from nrsgnerd
    Why do men do alot of things they do....LOL!
    At least he didn't use a shotgun instead of the baseball bat!
    (Weeeee...My 500th post! OK, go back to sleep everybody.)
  2. by   tishirajan
    Well, I had another "moment" yesterday. I adopted a kitten and was trying to get her and my groceries in the house. We have 2 steps that lead up to our back door. Well, kitty claws the crap out of me and takes off and I start to take off after her and I end up missing a step completely and bust my butt. I grabbed hold of the doorknob and when I landed I still had the doorknob in my hand. Great, now we need a knew knob.:uhoh21: I totally stripped that one out!
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    ouch! scratched and a bruised behind! not to mention an urgent need for home repairs. you win!
  4. by   tishirajan
    Quote from ruby vee
    ouch! scratched and a bruised behind! not to mention an urgent need for home repairs. you win!
    my:/whining on...but i didn't wanna win!... /whining off i just know one of my neighbors was probably looking outside filming their birds or something and in the background you can see me in all my glory lol:imbar sprawled out on there looking at the doorknob in my hand, kitty playing with my shoestrings.

    oh gosh, if my husband stood over me with a bat i would have freaked out too! hehe nerd...that just cracked me up. going after a spunky with a bat!

    one time my dad was having a nightmare about a fuzzy dog climbing up the wall and when it got on the ceiling it fell on him. he kicked the wall so hard he got sheet rock under his big toe and to this day that toenail is about 1/2" thick!! this was about 20 years ago or so.

    i'm such a clutz, i've had so many "moments" here lately, that i'm beginning to wonder if i'm turning 11 again! hmmm....that's a thought....
  5. by   Blindsided
    Oh you guys, you're killing me! Too funny!
  6. by   CopperEmerald
    i ran an arrand to a local pharmacy and enjoyed looking around for awhile one morning after i got off work. i had stopped at home and changed into my comfy-not-at-work clothes. i got home and as soon as i walked in the door, my phone rang. my husband's grandmother lives across the street and she was calling to tell me that either my pants were ripped or i had paper stuck to my bottom. yeah, that's right. the entire left buttcheek of my pants was ripped out. (i told her "oh, it was a piece of paper, thanks!") i can only pray that i ripped them getting back into my car from the store, otherwise since i didn't feel it at all, i was probally moseying around the store with my butt hanging out. good thing i don't go to that store very often in the mornings
  7. by   tishirajan
    LOL Nursebella3!:roll
    I ripped my shorts at the lake one time and I just couldn't figure out why I felt so breezy! Finally, after a few laughs at my expense, my husband finally told me.
  8. by   CopperEmerald
    At least it was your husband! LOL I can only imagine if I had indeed ripped them before going in the store...lmao

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