1. You know you love nursing when you find yourself wagering on someone's blood alcohol.
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  3. by   CB
    You've got that right!!!!! A regular occurrence in our ED.....I've won some serious money at times!
  4. by   Nurcee
    I read a funny story somewhere online regarding a 1st year nursing student, having to learn all the lab values, and asking "What was the NORMAL LIMITS of OH in the blood?".

  5. by   ArizRn
    We just got a new director in the ER. She has already proven to be rather strict to policy. (no soda's at the nurses station even!). I was going around starting a pool for one patient's hemoglobin level when I ran into this new director at the station. I stopped in my tracks and realized she already knew what I was doing. So I asked if she approved or not. She replied by asking what the ante was and could she play?!
  6. by   emhkirkpatrick
    I am glad to know that we're no the only ones--over the years I have participated in bets about weight gain during open heart surgery, post-op hemoglobins, how many drugs will show up on the tox screen, cardiac output, if the patient will have more relatives visiting than he has teeth--and we were betting this on a 20 year old male.
  7. by   Heather27
    We used to bet on bili levels in the newborns on that I'm in geriatrics, we bet on things like what kind of pinning the recent fracture will get... gluco checks... which family members will be the first vultures...I mean, MOURNERS, when gramma passes away...
  8. by   espressoqueen
    I won serious dough on how long it will take Mr. confused and agitated to pull out his foley catheter, how many candy bars hidden in Ms. Outta control diabetics closet, or how many cigarettes can end stage COPD smoke before huffin' and puffin'begging for a med neb tx.
  9. by   tweetieRN
    We don't bet for money, but we've had bets on ABG's, hgb, anything else that may have been pertinent.