A code of a different color....

  1. Now that I've got your attention...

    A Quazi code transcript from a pretty big hospital in NYC....
    Scene: The nurse in knee deep in paperwork, the patient is transferred to the Rehab unit at exactly 1503 (shift changing time) Pt is in room, CNA goes in, followed by nurse who is grabbing the admit kit.

    CNA: Hey! HE dosent look good
    Nurse: Geez...(A choice word uttered here and there as code is called on phone, sounds overhead, CPR started with the Aide on ambu, and the nurse on compressions)
    ENTIRE FLOOR STAFF: (Stampede to room, code cart barreling people outta the way)
    Beep Beep! Get outta the way!!!
    Nurse: please make it... I still need a history out of you...
    MEDICAL CODE TEAM: (Barrel into room, take over the CPR and the code... The ADN is pushing the meds as needed, and a conversation ensues between the aide and the nurse...)
    Nurse: Gee, I think the bucket is at his foot
    Aide: I wonder if he's in a kicking mood...
    Nurse: And here comes the bright light...
    Aide: (who happens to be an avid star trek fan...) Cap'n shall we prepare for a celestial d/c?
    and so on and on...
    I guess you had to be there for its full effect, but on a serious note...
    are there any rehab nurses out there who happen to notice that the patients are sicker and sicker?
    I'm talking Medsurg quality, as in should have never left the unit stuff on the rehabilitiation floor??
    danke shoen
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  3. by   oramar
    sicker and sicker?
    I'm talking Medsurg quality, as in should have never left the unit stuff on the rehabilitiation floor??
    danke shoen
    --BA [/B]
    I always worked med/surg, telemetry but got pulled a lot to the rehab unit. The patients were getting sicker and sicker. I had blood running, chest tubes getting inserted, everybody on IV antibiotics and TPN. Seemed like half the patients had phlebits or phenumonia. Then the hopital reports reduced patient length of stays. It was ridiculous, the stays were not reduced, the patients were just being treated for their illness on rehab. Meanwhile staffing stayed at old rehab staffing levels which are about half that of med/surg.

  4. by   ruth
    Boy oh boy! When I started in rehab we hung blood about once every 2 years! Now it's common. We get quite a few patients go bad in less than 12 hours on the floor. One of the most difficult aspects of the high acuity level is that you have some really sick patients that require alot of your time and at the same time you've got a couple of patients that take 2 or 3 staff (and 20 minutes) to transfer that have to go to the bathroom (no bedpans on rehab if you're stable!), meanwhile, one of your head injured patients just managed to get off the unit and the wanderguard alarms alert you to this. It's surreal. Many nurses think rehab is cush, until they transfer to the unit! But it is rewarding, and you get to see miracles happen.