1. "..Knock knock...."
    "who's there?"
    "HIPPA who?"
    "oooooohhh sorry, can't tell you."..

    too funny:-)
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  3. by   Noney
    You can tell me if I need to know to take care of you

  4. by   jnette
    Funny... but not really.

    My coworker's son shot himself in the leg with his 22 Rifle the other night.. he was going to target practice out back... she was at school after work, Dad was at an auction (son is 13, went through all the gun safety certification, etc... was a freak accident going down the stairs). He managed to crawl to the phone and call a neighbor who rushed him to the ER. Neighbor somehow managed to locate the Dad, who immediately called the ER as he jumped into his car. They would not acknowledge his son's presence nor give him ANY info... the poor Dad nearly had a heart attack on the way to the ER from worry.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Ok, that's nuts! Where did common sense go?