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Nursing Homes. The bodies are just pilling up.


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42 minutes ago, moriahcat said:

Again, and I hate to be the "mediator" (though it's usually my role)....

I believe that what she meant by "mandate" was "mandated coverage for such visits", not that they were going to mandate someone's life end.

And considering the way Daisy4RN has spoken positively about coverage for such visits, and even when calling it a "mandate" was talking about how those conversations are important to have...

I put it down to Internet and the fact many use shorthand/type a post off fast, and then end up triggering someone (who likely, as I did, had to explain during all that craziness the proposed mandate was for coverage of such visits, not making the visits mandatory) for the way they phrased something.

No offense to either of you two. I think you're both wonderful people, and from what I can tell on this forum, wonderful nurses. Things on the Internet get heated, though, especially if a person was tired after a shift and might not have spent a long time proofreading.

Thank you for clarifying what you believe was intended. There's no question that misunderstandings occur unintentionally. Not all of us are comfortable with direct disagreement or discussion.

Sometimes language usage is intentional and sometimes it's not so much. I think we can all agree that the history of language used to describe the ACA has been intentionally fraught with misrepresentation and fabrication. Some people are just in the habit of correcting those inaccuracies in real time. It's not personal.

Is it?

This is really sad! I work in a LTC facility and it's very scary! I pray everyday for peace and strength to fight this battle. Never seen so many deaths at time. OMG!! Stay strong!