Nursing home interview help


need help for nursing home interview !!!:)

tomorrow i will be doing my interview for nursing home. i have no idea what kind of questions do i have to expect. so guys help me if any of you have done so far . i am not good at inteview. i already rejected twice for hospital nurse interview:crying2:. thanks !!!


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Hum....I had an interview at an Assisted Living Facility that has 2 50-bed units for long term residents and also a 20-bed SubAcute floor....I was asked the basic questions like:

An example of when you needed to change your care for someone during the shift due to a change in their status.

An example on when a pt was upset about the care he recieved and what you said/did.

Honestly they only asked a few questions like that for me and the rest was talking about the facility.

Hope it goes well for you....Good Luck


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Thanks for reply. I hope I will pass this time.

CapeCodMermaid, RN

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You should have some questions prepared as well: staffing, mandatory overtime, staff turnover, opportunities for advancement, length of orientation.....good luck


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Thanks!! I will.

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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Ask what type of pts they normally see. What the long term rate and short term rate far as length of stays.

They might ask you do discribe how you would deal with certain situations with staff or family complaints. The basics...what are your strengths? Weaknesses?

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How'd it go?


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It went well. Thanks for asking.But they said they interviewed 5 other people for that position . I don't know I will get it or not.

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I think we should not think of it a failing when we do not get the job. Maybe the interview went very well but it's just that they had 5 good applicants to pick through and only one position :)

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