So I got 2 jobs...

  1. I had two different job interviews yesterday, and I got both of them; what one should I go with?

    A little background to me first would probably help. I graduated last December with my BSN. I passed my boards in April. Then I started a really long hike, thus forgetting many things I learned in school. I finished the 2,184 mile trek of the Appalachian Trail a few weeks before Christmas. Now I am back in northern Maine, and I have been out on the job hunt. Apparently taking a thru-hike is considered professional way up here, because both interviews I had yesterday basically hired me on the spot.

    The first interview was at a very small hospital. They offered me a 24 hr position, doing night shifts at $20.05/hr. As a new nurse I know that getting hospital experience is very important.

    The second interview was at a nursing facility - a pretty large, really nice one. They do not have any open positions, but they extended an offer for a 40 hr position that they will create me; this position is day shifts at $24.00/hr. I do have 5 years of CNA experience in gerontology and I love working with the elderly, but I really don't know if this is the best choice for me to make in the long run.

    What do you all think?
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  3. by   brown eyed girl
    First of all, which one do you REALLY WANT?????? What is the setting of the hospital position? Will you be providing bedside care at the ltc facility or be in a management role? If it's a management position, why take a management position (besides the hours and money) that you may not be ready for. Is the facility a skilled nursing/subacute rehab where you will get plenty of experience working the floor in hip and knee replacements, cellulitis, bladder scans, straight caths, initiating and maintaining IV'S. I see that you worked as a CNA in a ltc facility; let me be the first to tell you as a LPN Charge Nurse in a nursing home, being a Nurse and being a CNA is WAAAYYY different. Yes, I do provide hands on care at times to my patients but, that isn't my main focus as their Nurse; it is my job to make sure that the hands on care being provided by the CNA IS SAFE and in line with state regulation and facility policy and procedure. I also have to pass medications to 30 people(not in a rehab setting), chart on what's listed on the 24 hour report (which can get lengthy at times), follow up with the NP for returned lab results, transcribe any orders she gives, call the family members, and document it in their chart; not to mention assessing patients after a fall; and you have to complete specific compliance paperwork, call the NP and family for fall notification and document that as well. You may also have to perform wound care if your facility does have one. So, I can't imagine what kind of EXTRA responsibilities and expectations will be placed on you because you are a RN, BSN! As you can see it is doable (sometimes) BUT it is VERY HECTIC AND FRUSTRATING (at times) and you have to decide if its worth it and what do you stand to gain from the situation. Let me say this....DON'T SETTLE FOR A POSITION OR SETTING THAT YOU REALLY DON'T WANT! Best of luck to you with your decision and CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. by   merlee
    Until you receive something in writing, make no presumptions. Many a person has posted that they thought they had an offer, even being allowed to shadow someone, being told of a start date and more. Then they got a rejection letter.

    When you have those letters, you will have had time to weigh your options.

    Best wishes!
  5. by   sdugan07
    Thank you Brown Eyed Girl for your input. I am worried about being a charge nurse in a few months without much experience. I know I am not ready for that, and I don't feel that I will be ready for a few years. So I'm thinking that I will go with the hospital, even though the hours, pay rate and benefits are not as good. Once I'm in I can get more hours or move around.
  6. by   Hypnotica
    I'd say go with the day job. It pays more, it's a nice facility, and you don't have to mess up your sleep cycle. But don't let me decide your future! Flip a coin. When it's in the air, you'll know which one you want to choose.