Seton refuse to hire Texas State students?

  1. So for anyone who does not know, Seton in Round Rock is having a feud with St. Davids in Round due to St. David's refusing help from Seton to help pay for the Texas State round rock nursing center. Seton stated that they refuse to let nursing students from Texas State nursing school to train at any of their Seton hospitals.

    Does this mean the same thing as hiring nurses as RN's?

    Can Seton refuse to hire someone because he/she went to Texas State University's nursing school?

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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Anybody can refuse to hire anyone for any reason. I doubt that a facility would turn down an otherwise qualified applicant just for spite, knowing that the student can't influence the school's political stance, though.
  4. by   KelRN215
    Any private employer can refuse to hire someone for any reason they choose, save for a few select reasons prohibited by law. Though even IF one of those reasons (race, gender, religion) is the reason they don't want to hire someone, they can likely come up with some other reason to not hire that person.
  5. by   Texas_T
    Seton absolutely recruits and hires Texas State students.
  6. by   AllAboutMyBusiness
    I was part of the inaugural class that graduated from Texas State. Please see and comment on my new thread specifically for alumni.

    As far as hiring Texas State graduates, Seton neither endorses or claims to exclude Texas State grads from their applicant pool. I have been at Seton for almost a year now and have spoken to many hiring managers. According to them, they have not heard of any directive from administration to specifically deny employment/opportunity from us. Some still do not know there is a nursing program at Round Rock. They get far too many applicants for each VERSANT cohort to worry about trivial matters like that. During my cohort, there were over 1,000 applicants and they do this three times a year!

    I am tired of dispelling and speaking out about this rumor which I think was mainly spread by faculty and staff from our own school. You know who I'm talking about. I believe Seton hired at least 6 from my class. The problem with Seton is that they are very selective on their hiring and they take a long time to reply/make an offer. After all, you will be competing against other highly qualified graduates from not just Texas but the entire country.

    As far as clinicals are concerned, yes that is true. That is a politically charged gray area that will not be solved within our lifetime. St David's gave a much larger grant for start up costs and in return they get to put their name in our school.