Please Some Feed back for my resume (Young Graduate)


    I havent put my license information because i have not receive it yet.

    Thanks in advance and please just let me know anything good or bad about it.
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  3. by   DeBerham
    I would remove the section on what you did in nursing school and expand on what your duties were as a corpsman/working as a civilian. We all know what your clinical experience was in school and this is fairly redundant for most employers. You have a fairly robust medical background for a new grad due to your military and civilian experience... tell us what you did and what your responsibilities were. Were you in charge of people, were you an NCO? Were you deployed? What did you do in the civilian facility, what were your responsibilities there?

    I would definitely expand on your military background. Not all employers know or understand what exactly you were trained to do... tell them
  4. by   chibiRN
    I agree. I want to know less about your clinical rotations and more about your supervisor duties at the dry cleaners and your duties in the military. It sounds like you have a lot of experience managing people and this is important! How many people were you in charge of? What were you responsible for? How did you manage your time/resources? Expand on that military service- employers love military service! It means discipline and loyalty in their eyes. Also, any school achievements you can include?
  5. by   chibiRN
    Whoops- just saw the Magna Cum Laude at the bottom! Great job by the way- not an easy accomplishment! Maybe move that up to the top under the education section to make it more noticeable?
  6. by   moncj66
    I agree with everyone comments. Job recruiters want to know about your qualification from your previous jobs. You need to list all the duties you performed at every job.
    I would move work experience towards the top and clinical experience to the bottom. Try centering your heading so your info is the middle.