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  1. Help! Been out of nursing school for one year. Had a job for three months in med-surg. Disaster. Scheduling, new director, so many problems. Couldn't do it. I am looking for another position and having no luck. I am 45 and have experience in the medical field as a secretary in hospitals and clinics, so I am not without some practical experience.

    I have reviewed my resume and others have added to it and improved it. I interview well, but everything is online. I have visited some places that I was very interested in without success. Love nursing, hate b.s.
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  3. by   NP Sam
    You most likely will need to apply to other new grad programs. It is very possible they will ask you why you left after only three months. As we all know it does cost $50-80K to train us new nurses. "Scheduling" or " new director" is not a good answer. I hope the next place you are at you love and will tough it out for 2 years. Keep
    applying and when you interview ask questions you REALLY want to ask such as staffing ratios, nurse turnover, etc.
  4. by   LollygaggerRN
    I understand how the online application process is very frustrating. Nearly impossible to let the real you shine through!! So, my advice to you is to look to smaller facilities. They are much less likely to have an online application process that is pre-screened by an HR department.

    I am an older (43 yrs) new grad (Dec, 2011)and applied to at least a gazillion hospital jobs. No luck. Then I started prowling Craigslist and looking at other settings. Apply for the jobs no one else would want- you may be surprised! I applied for a few jobs that are only 10 to 15 hours per week....because who wants to work that little? Well, I got three of those and am now working 35 hours a week in an amazing variety of capacities.

    You can look at school nursing, small stand-alone surgical facilities, doctor's offices. There's a lot out there that is interesting and fun and a lot more personal than a huge hospital!

    Good luck!!