New grad working as office assistant in Dr. office?

  1. Been trying to apply for hospital RN position - no luck so far. So, I am thinking about getting a part time job at the doctor's office. I use to work at a doctor's office as office assistant - we do everything..front & back office.. check in pt, verify insurance, lab draw (they didn't let me do that cuz i didn't have license, and didn't have experience - but I don't know if they're willing to train me now), etc. I have been thinking to just go back as a temp position until I find something better. I know the pay will be crappy,but it's really whatever will help on my resume at this point.

    I am also planning on volunteering at the hospital.

    Does it sounds like a good idea?

    I didn't want to work under the "RN" title in the doctor's office because just in case who knows how long it is before I find a real RN job, and I don't want to be disqualified to apply to new grad program...

    Yes, I understand to search for LTC too, but even that I have no luck so far..

    Soo.. would me working as an office assistant hurt on my resume? =/ and would hospital volunteering actually help or is it just a waste of time? any other recommendation?

    OH, and I also started applying for CNA jobs at hospital as well.. I doubt if they'll call back since I have a RN license already - but just thought I'd try.. kinda desperate here..
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  3. by   lovedijah
    I think volunteering will be good. It will help to put you out there. Maybe you can network. At minimum, you'll get to go a hospital and feel productive. Can't hurt.

    I'm not sure the office assistant will help, but it can't hurt. If you are going up against several new grads, maybe some managers will like the fact that you have some experience with patients even if it's not directly nursing. I don't think it can hurt. At minimum, you'll be making money!! Also, you won't have huge gaps in your resume compared to waiting around for a job.
  4. by   AnnaNicole
    Hi, I am a semi new LVN grad. Besides looking into getting hired as a LVN, I've also resorted to applying for similar jobs. Just because I have to generate some kind of income for the time being. How long has it been since you graduated, passed the board? Just curious at what point you decided to take an alternative route....
  5. by   elprup
    Beware, they may/will you as an RN. And beware, when/if they do use you as RN, even though you were not hired as one, make sure to get recommendation letters BEFORE you leave stating that, "Even though you were hired as assistant, you were utilized as an RN". I am encountering this exact problem, because I took a job just to get clinical health/ambulatory experience, and of course they utilized me an an RN, but then told employers of jobs I was seeking, that I did not work as RN! I have been going round and round with previous employer and finally got them to acknowledge in writing that I indeed was utilized as an RN. Sadly, the coveted Veterans Association Clinical RN position I have been so diligently trying to get, and supposedy had, gave up on me because it looked like I was lying about everything...even though now I have proof I was telling the truth! So, just BEWARE. Nobody believes how tough it is out there for new grads and especially old grads. I am now contemplating a $1200 refresher course just to look more presentable.