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I was wondering if anyone will be able to help me... I am a new grad ADN RN in nyc. I am currently enrolled to get my BSN and will be done by Feb 2013. I have yet to find a nursing job, I... Read More

  1. by   LindseyRN86
    Well on Monday I am going to call the Clinic that I want to get into and ask if I could volunteer. Thank-you everyone for giving such great ideas. We all will get a job it just might not be NOW but SOON!!
  2. by   SoundRN7
    I find it very convienant to apply for jobs online. I mean, how nice is it to apply for a job while in your pajamas. You can apply for several jobs all in the same day without driving all over town. The one drawback I find with it, is that you cannot meet with anyone in person when doing this. Back many years ago when you applied for a job you turned it in to the place that you were applying at. That would at least give you a chance to speak to someone there, possibly even the hiring manager. I definitely miss old school aspects of applying for jobs. I do not have a medical background, and because I've been a stay at home mom for 15 years, I don't have a recent work history. I feel that if I could just talk to the hiring manager, explain what I've been doing, and let them see that I have some brains, I would have a better chance than if they just read about me on paper.
  3. by   srn789
    I have yet been able to find anything I wish I could have by now .. Because at this point I am hating my Job so much!!!!!!
  4. by   Patti_RN
    @modgoth: yes applying online has its pros and cons, but unless an employer requires resumes and applications to be submitted only online, there is no reason not to hand deliver yours. Consider how easy it is to receive a marketing email and either glance at it quickly then close it, or not even open it. Hopefully employers give resumes more attention, but its just human nature to treat electronic correspondence with less importance. Put business clothes on and spend a day going from one employer to another. Sure, you might get turned away at some, but you might get noticed by some others. It can't hurt.
  5. by   SoundRN7
    Great advice Patti!
  6. by   srn789
    I just got a rejection letter from human resources at a hospital stating they changed their mind about filling the position .... Tey aren't hiring after all... I always wanted to be an ER nurse and I am thinking maybe I should become an EMT while I am jobless ... Bc I am at my wits end at this job.... Any thoughts ??
  7. by   tinburma
    Hi srn,
    I just read your post. I understand your disappointment after one year of graduation without landing a dream job. I'd like to say "Just don't give up."
    I'm a student of a pre-clinical phase in a NYC community college. Even to graduate, I need another 3 and a half years because I'm attending part-time. Many of my classmates disappeared in every class. Many of us who are still in classrooms will not able to get into the clinical phase. It is so competitive to become a RN.
    1. You are standing at the top of the long line. Thousands are behind you. You are at the position which all the nursing students are dreaming to be.
    2. One of my friends told me the job market is still bad because of the recession. (A).Some hospitals closed in NYC: hundreds of experienced nurses have been applying every job openings. (B).Many elderly nurses postpond to retire for their financial safety.
    It will be only temporary. Just think positive and keep trying.
    In my opinion, LTC facilities, visiting nurse agencies are easier to get in than hospitals.
    If you can invest some of your time, volunteering at a facility may give you a pathway to get into.
    Once you get the job, you'll make three times of salary than your current one.
    Keep trying while enjoying the nice summer.
  8. by   NurseinNewYork75
    I am with you. I am a former paramedic with my ADN and can't get into a hospital in NYC or Long Island. I feel like I am paddling with one oar and going in circles.
  9. by   RNGriffin
    Start looking into hospitals on long island. I know Nassau community hospital is hiring, and the lirr is not as dreadful as we NYC( ers) believe. Also if your sites are set on a city hospital, most are on a hiring freeze, with the exception of Harlem and beth Israel. I would look into monte or Lenox hill( since joining ranks with north shore). Other than those tid bits, it takes all new grads a while to secure employment, regardless of the field you work in.
    Stop crying and get to work! Go out to the human resources offices, visit the floors, net work at the Starbucks near the hospitals, call agencies! Jobs aren't scarce, people are relying on technology to do their work!
  10. by   dcnursey101
    @Patti_RN: From my experience applying to many places, I have noticed that some hospitals will not even accept a paper resume that is given to them. They say that you MUST apply online! So even after going into hospitals to meet the directors, they will send you away! This is where technology has taken us
  11. by   ldiva0808
    its hard when you come out of nursing school looking for a job when most hospitals say they want experience. How you get experience, it through getting a job. I am from nyc and when I graduated with my BSN last year, I applied to so many hospitals in nyc and around, nothing. every call i received, asked me first, how much experience do you have,? "im a new grad"." ok, call us when you have the experience. Till I reached out to the furthers of nys. Alot of the upstate areas are willing to work with new grads because most of them are teaching hospitals where students do their clinicals, therefore they have that patience to teach and tolerate a new grad unlike nyc, where everything is so critical and fast paced they have no time to teach you at the pace you are in as a new grad. Sadly you are better off trying upstate NY.
  12. by   Sniper06
    I really feel like all new grads need to start some sort of public protest against these hospitals that aren't hiring new grads! It is inexcusable to turn down able bodied people that are trying to work and at the same time operate short staffed. FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   BotoxBaby

    Just hoping things have improved for you and you have landed your ER dream job! Let us know