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Hello, would anyone like to share their experience of finding a job as a new graduate: I will share my experience. I would like to start off by saying thats its not easy at all, but you cannot give... Read More

  1. by   tls2665
    I am truly impressed with your dedication! It is very old school to go out and pound the pavement but it clearly is the way to go in today's job market. It is easy to dismiss an online application- it is impersonal and as easy to delete as tapping a button. Rejecting a real, live person is much more difficult. Great job, great advice, and thank you for your post!
  2. by   TinkerFairyRN
    thank you so much for your advice. I haven't thought of being professionally aggressive.
  3. by   MyNeologisms
    This is cool. So now, I start to think if I can find a buddy to go around and apply in person to hospitals and nursing homes. Anyone interested? please PM me.
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Way to go OP, you sound alot like myself. I did the same thing as you when I was a new grad LPN and I plan to do the same thing after I get my finish RN school. Have to be aggressive.
  5. by   Jaimie.RN
    I have a job as an RN now, since I;m a new grad, but I want a hospital job so badly. I feel like a pill-passer and that's all at a nursing home. After a while of working there, will any hospital ever consider me? =(
  6. by   mctomamctoma
    Hi ToyaRN11,
    I am a new grad (DEC 2012). I have applied to over 70 jobs and no luck so far. I was wondering if I could contact you regarding advice for calling hospitals. Only classmates who have jobs are the ones who have connections or worked as Techs in their hospitals already. I do not have previous CNA or Tech experience. I would truly appreciate any help. I want to call the hospitals I am interested in but not sure about how to approach. Thank you in advance!!!
  7. by   rafarn2012
    The most helpful topic ever! Thank you! I'm on the same boat... starting tomorrow! Good luck guys!
  8. by   moonkid
    That's a great, inspiring topic.
    Thank you very much.
  9. by   morazoo
    hi moonkid, I am sorry I cannot reply your PM because I am a new member, so i can only receive PM but I cannot reply. Can I share my information with you here?
  10. by   combatzn
    I wouldlike to start by saying that I am 44 years old and I have been previouslyemployed as a bioprocess technician with a biotech company and have a degree inbiology/cellular molecular option. I have had previous experience and trainingin several health-related fields. I am a MLT and a phlebotomist. I think Ishould have thought twice about nursing and health care in general and stayedwith my original profession. I had a good job, making about 50K a year basesalary plus overtime, which I still would have if it was not for nursing. Themain reason that I went ahead and got my BSN was that my wife was relocatedfrom California to Portland, Oregon and there are no biotech companies there.In fact there are very few high paying jobs there at all. Due to the fact thatI had a good job in California and accepted into nursing school, my wife and Iagreed to live separately for 4 years so that I could complete this training. Igraduated in March and have been looking for a job since. Now that doesn’t soundlike a long time to be looking, but here is what I have found. No one ishiring! Not just new grad nurses but for most anything. I remember nights with 2 hours of sleep preppingfor clinicals and studying my ass off to pass my courses. Nursing was thehardest thing I have ever done and for what? There are no opportunities for newgrads anywhere. You have to be on a wait list to volunteer at the free clinic. Ican’t get my foot in the door at a hospital because my additional medicalexperience as a phlebotomist and a lab tech but that was years ago even thoughI still have kept up my licenses. Employers want you to have oodles ofexperience that was yesterday and no one will give you a chance. It seems as though they only hire insiderswhich you can’t become unless you meet people in the industry. It has been suggestedthat I volunteer. How can I volunteer if there are no openings for volunteers?Do tell me how to network if you have no options to meet people in industry? Itseems as though everyone has been given the same advice and is now either in themilitary, volunteering or on some rural assignment. The nursing shortage is completeBull ****. As a matter of fact Yahoo now doesn’t even put nursing in it’s to 10jobs of the future. I graduated in March and have been in Oregon since then andthe only job I have even interviewed for is a temp job at Lowes. This is by farthe worst economy I have ever lived through and it is not getting betterregardless of what is said. I can't wait for the nursing shortage of 2020. I amtoo god damn old and besides my skills would be eroded by then. I am thinkingabout just returning to biotech which means leaving my wife and returning toCalifornia.
  11. by   nurse_newgrad
    Thank you for sharing your experience & congrats to you.
  12. by   DanielCA
    Congrats! What kind of job did you end up taking?
  13. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    Hello everyone,
    Its 2013 nearly 2014 and I have not been active on this forum due to my busy life as a nurse. I hope everyone has had luck in finding jobs by now. From my desperate job search adventure as a new grad to my new life as an experienced nurse, I have finally landed a job I love through hard work. I have landed most of my jobs with just a ADN degree and my most recent destination has been in the OR. Its a cool job. I find that finding jobs was a challenge but my hard work has paid off. Starting in a nursing home and ending in the OR has been a big step for me. Never give up and don't allow people to tell you what you can or cannot do.