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  1. Hi everyone! I am a new graduate RN who has applied to many many MANY jobs (just like the rest of you) and I finally have been getting calls back for interviews (YAY!). I currently work for a hospital in NJ and recently interviewed with their nursing department last week. The interview seemed to go great in my opinion. It was very promising and the hiring nurse manager said she will be in contact by the end of this coming week. (She even mentioned for me not to get ACLS yet because they will do it in the hospital once I am hired, another reason I feel this is going to be a good outcome) However, it is a per diem position that would be offered because they cannot move me to Full-time until I finish my BSN or am close to finishing it (which I am currently enrolled in and should be completing in no longer than two years). I love everything about the company; I have worked with them for 3 years and would love nothing more than to be a RN in the hospital.

    However, I also interviewed with another LTACH hospital that would be offering a full-time position. Well, the offer is not on the table yet but I am trying to be ahead of the game if they do make an offer because I really don't want to turn down one or the other, I want to take both jobs if this is possible. Also, they went over pay, benefits and shifts with me during the interview, which maybe I'm wrong but the way it was discussed seemed to me that an offer could be possible. I know I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch, but I am trying to be prepared for anything.

    My question is, is there a specific way I should go about this? Should I mention to both hospitals that I have the offer from the other, but one is per diem and the other is full-time so it is possible to do both? Should I ask the full-time LTACH hospital if there is a possibility for a part-time position instead of full-time so I can do both with more flexibility? I don't want to ruin my chances with either (if in fact the full-time LTACH offers the position that is).

    The reason I am asking this is because the per diem position in the hospital I currently work for is really my dream job and I really don't want to miss the opportunity to work for them, especially if there is a chance I will eventually become full-time. However, I do have bills to pay and working just a per diem job is never a guarantee of hours, which I do need. Which is why if I am offered the LTACH position I feel I need to take it so I can have some kind of steady income. I am really not sure what I should do and am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. Thanks!

    Again, I tried to include all the pieces of the puzzle here, but if anything is unclear or I'm missing anything, please let me know!
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  3. by   RainMom
    If the per diem job is your "dream job" & also with your current employer, couldn't you just look into adjusting your hours in the position you have now? Then as you (hopefully) work more hours in the new job, cut back hours in the old.
  4. by   CaitRoseRN
    I technically could, however I work for the hospital now, not in it. I work in an outpatient facility that is a branch of the hospital, so two totally different locations. I also work full time in my job now and they rarely offer this position part-time. It's something I would have to discuss with my manager. But thank you for the thought, it may be a possibility if they allow my current positoin part time.
  5. by   HouTx
    OK - do-able, but with stipulations. First of all, each job will have its own orientation period which you will have to complete & this may require a full-time schedule for a while, even for the PRN job. So, you would have to be hired & complete the first orientation before you could even begin the second one.

    If the PRN job has some specific requirements - work one weekend per month, X number of shifts per month, X number of holidays, etc. - then you would have to figure out whether you could meet those requirements in addition to the full time requirements of the LTACH job. It would be a very challenging schedule, not to mention the issue of transitioning from new grad to working nurse.

    Good luck on your choice!
  6. by   CaitRoseRN
    I appreciate your responses and they both make great points. After thinking things through, I realize it would be close to impossible to be able to fully orient myself to both jobs as a new grad, while going for my BSN. I relaize there isnt really much else for me to do other than to pick one of the two without completely overwhelming myself.

    Now my issue is going with theper diem job becuase this is the ideal company for me, or taking the LTACH that is full-time. In any of your experiences, do you think a per diem position for a new grad is a good idea? I'm worried that even though I will have the regular orientation of a new grad full-time employee... once I am on my own and working per diem , I won't be getting enough time to feel comfortable as a regular full-time position would do for me. I have heard from a few experienced nurses that per diem for a new grad isn't a good idea... Very torn and hoping for some guidance. Thanks in advance!
  7. by   sourapril
    They always discuss benefits during my interviews (sometimes in details). I don't see that as a sign that they may offer you the job. You should accept the job you love.