I had my peer interview a week and a half ago but no call back yet.

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to allnurses.com
    I am about to graduate in March and have started applying for jobs. Out of all the jobs I applied for, the hospital I wanted to work at the most gave me a call!
    It was the nurse supervisor that called me to set up an interview, not HR. I went to that interview with just her and I and called two days later to come in for a peer interview a day later. Now, it has been a week and a half. I called the nurse supervisor today to ask about any update regarding hiring status. She was very vague and said she had made a few offers to HR but they are taking forever to respond. And she also added that if I wanted to apply for other jobs, that she would not tell me no because HR is taking so long. So, my question is, if she did not make an offer for me to HR, would she have just told me I didn't get the job? Im confused! Just FYI, it is a new grad program they are starting in March and are looking to hire 12 new grads in the MICU.
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  3. by   ClassyChristina
    Can you call the nurse recruiter or HR directly and clarify with them? That is what I would do!
  4. by   anonymousz
    YES! I called the nurse supervisor today (she is the one that called me originally and set up my first interview with herself). She said she had made several offers to HR and is waiting to hear back from them and said they are taking a very long time. But, she did not tell me whether she made an offer for me. Do you think she would have told me if she did not? Also, she said since HR is taking so long that she wouldn't tell me no if I wanted to search for other jobs and that freaked me out a little. Why would she tell me that?? And why couldn't she just tell me if she made an offer for me or not??
  5. by   HouTx
    That's not the way it works, Hon. Even though that person is the "hiring manager" and makes a decision as to which of the applicants she wants to hire, the deal isn't done until HR does all the background work. HR has to do the background checks, check references, check licensure status (or in your case, check graduation status), check to make sure you are not on the Federal 'no-no' list, etc. This can take a lot of time &, based on my own experience - it is very frustrating for the hiring manager. They have to follow the organizational policy - in this case, they may forbid the hiring manager from saying 'you're hired' until all background stuff is completed.
  6. by   anonymousz
    Sorry, let me clarify. I know everything has to go trough with HR first but from what I understand, the hiring manager sends up the people's applications that she WANTS to hire and doesn't send te applications of those she DOESN'T want to hire. So basically I'm just asking, is she not allowed to tell me if she sent my app back up to HR or not? Like if she didn't want to hire me, would she have told me that instead of telling me HR is taking forever to get done with all that stuff?I hope that clarifys a little!
  7. by   Meriwhen
    It is very possible that she may not allowed to be tell you which applications--including yours--were routed and to where.

    She may also be minimizing how much she discusses these things with applicants for several reasons: she's got a lot of applicants, she doesn't want to give anyone false hope, she doesn't want to make anyone lose hope, she may be too busy, she may not have any more say in the matter, it may not be her place to tell applicants they have been hired/rejected/have HR issues, etc....

    While I'm not saying to give up on this place, the NM was right in her remarks about continuing to apply for other jobs. Never give up the job search until you receive an official job offer from a facility. No matter how promising the interview(s) are, no matter what the nurse managers may tell you, no matter how much you feel this job is "the one," until you get that official job offer, you do not have a job. So keep looking until the very end.

    Best of luck, be it with this facility or elsewhere!
  8. by   blackvans1234
    I don't remember the specifics, but when I was applying to the hospital as a CNA, it took FOREVER for them to do all the things they had to do.

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    Keep applying to other institutions.