How should I spend my summer?

  1. I am currently in an ADN program and am about to finish my first year. I want to maximize my chances of getting a good job when I am an RN so I have applied for several summer externships in order to gain experience and add to my resume.

    As a non-traditional student I already have an MS in pathology so I feel very comfortable academically.

    My question is this..if I don't get an externship, is it worth it to "shadow" someone for purposes of building my résumé?

    I ask because I don't believe "shadowing" will give me a chance to practice any skills and frankly, I need to make money this summer if I can. That being said, if it will help me get a job after school I will do whatever it takes.

    Is it worth it to shadow someone if I do not get accepted for an official student externship?

    I appreciate any advice regarding what experiences will help me land my first job.
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Why extern? You will take your NCLEX this summer, no? I would have fun/ dont get a DUI/ maybe volunteer a little. Apply to as many jobs as possible and hope for an interview. In my opinion and experience, me working as an extern did not help me get any interviews. It did help me get job offers BUT I externed Full time for 3 years. Dont waste your time on externing unless its going to pay well or help open doors.
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    I am going to have to disagree, I think externships are a great idea. I never did an externship...but I know of friends (and coworkers) who have and even though some of them weren't offered a job after graduation, they said the experience was invaluable and would recommend anyone to do an externship in a heart beat.

    These friends and coworkers were externs at a very prestigious hospital. They wore the same scrub color as the nurses and their badges said "Nurse Extern." They basically did everything the RNs could do with direct supervision, of course. I say go for it.