How exactly do you "sell" yourself?

  1. And network? I have a big problem approaching people. I feel like this will be downfall to finding a job if I do not do anything about it soon. I always hear people saying "Make sure to network!" and "You have to sell yourself to get a job!". but how do I really do that? Since I'm not the best with interpersonal skills, I don't want to walk up to some like I'm the awkward penguin and ruin the one chance that I had. I need order,a template to go by to get me started. If not, I feel like I'm just saying a bunch of nervous BS. This may be bad too, but sometimes I feel like I don't believe what I'm saying. If I don't, I know no one else will. Sigh. Does anyone have any tips? Can introverts/awkward people have an equal shot at a job opportunity?
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  3. by   canchaser
    First you need to believe it... Start posting 3x5 cards around the house with positive sayings. Like I look good today. I'm smart. I've graduated and im going to land a job ect.. When out shopping keep your eyes open for uniforms/ white lab coats.When you spot one excuse yourself and tell them your looking for a job and ask them where they work and if their employer is hiring. If so ask how u might go about applying. Next do you have any Classmates/ friends who have landed jobs? Can you meet them for lunch and "accidentally" run into the manager of the department where you might be able to have a short conversation? Good luck in the hunt. As a fellow introvert, I'd rather the job come to me but we both know that ain't happening.
  4. by   canchaser
    Oh, by the way, I got a job interview and the job at a yard sale when a nurse in uniform came to my yardsale. Just ask, they won't bite....
  5. by   peanutsauce
    Networking can be something as simple as mentioning that you're a nurse looking for a job to people you meet. You never know who might know, or be someone who can help you on your journey.

    As far as selling yourself, I strongly recommend putting together a portfolio. You can include things such as performance reviews from previous jobs, any unit projects you completed during school, and copies of your license/certifications. I would also say to take some time and recognize your strengths. Think about times in your clinical rotations where your actions had positive effects in the arenas of: critical thinking, compassionate care, decision making, prioritization, ect. Re-familiarizing yourself with your experiences can be a great way to boost your confidence, as well as prep for behavioral interviews!

    Good luck!
  6. by   jagged777
    Thanks to all for the suggestions
  7. by   citylights89
    @ Peanutsauce, we did complete 2 portfolios during my time in school. These were more based on how some of our assignments showed competency in certain areas, but I could use it as a template and just add the other stuff that you suggested. I need to get in touch with my instructors so I can get some letters of recommendation.
    I got great grades in school, but right now I feel like that doesn't make a bit of difference. Some of my classmates have secured GN positions at big hospitals without doing all that. And then you hear about how grades don't matter in the job market to some hiring managers since no one cares. I can't even sell that aspect. My best bet for a job is working at a retail store or call center. All this work for nothing.