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Nursing Essay question

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Hello. I am working on my packet/program submission about a year in advance so I can have time to cover anything and everything. I was a veterinary technician for about 10 years before starting a family 6 years ago. I still have very well kept skills and knowledge and know my way around drugs, surgery room, charting, computer database, SOAPS, etc. I was wondering, can you point me the direction that can give me a good idea on how to implement the vet tech career into the nursing career? I have two friends that are English majors and I have access to an excellent student career center for the essay process, but they want me to come to them AFTER I have my essay topics and so I would like to start on how to add in the vet tech skills. Thank you!

I'm not too familiar with the roles of a vet tech but Ic an imagine you can try to relate administering dosages dosages between the two careers. Another thing to consider is how you interact with the owners of the animals. Try to show off how you've been able to deal with communicating to the owners in tough situations and being able to make sure they are comfortable throughout the situation.

What specific question did the school ask you to address in your essay? You should focus your essay on answering the question you were asked -- if you work additional, unrelated material into the essay, that will hurt you more than help you. If your background applies to the specific essay question, great -- but, otherwise, you'll have other opportunities in the application and interview process to talk about your vet tech experience.

Best wishes!

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I agree with elkpark, until you have the essay prompt there isn't a lot you can do. For the school I applied to the prompt wasn't posted until a few weeks prior to the enrollment cycle opening. I was able to relate my time management and prioritizing of important work in my current lab job to future nursing but only as it fit in with the essay prompt. If the prompt was different that might not have been an option. First and foremost you respond to the essay prompt.

These are great advises. Thank you, everyone.