Writing clinical evals

  1. I know this sounds like it should be simple but I do my weekly antedotals and they always seem about the same. Good documentation, safe med administration, care of patient etc.
    As the semester mid term approaches other then areas of weakness and naming strengths do I need a lot more detail in this area?
    Novice educator so all help is welcome.
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  3. by   Whispera
    I try to include descriptions of things that the student does particularly well, or personal characteristics that will make him or her a great nurse. Clinical evaluations go in the student's record and are sometimes used if he calls the school and asks for a reference, in the future. Someone who doesn't know him could refer to them for some info., and instructors that might have forgotten him might have their memory rebooted on reading the evaluations.
  4. by   iluvivt
    What about some things like:

    patient teaching skills/effectiveness of their teaching
    use of therapeutic communication skills
    critical thinking/prioritization skills/problem solving skills
    use of the nursing process/ patient goal setting
    assessment skills
    how they apply theory to practice
    how well they can apply nursing action to EBP or a rational for providing care
    time management skills
  5. by   suni
    Thank you for your responses. I try every week to say something positive but it seems like it is the same old thing each week. This gives me a better idea for end of rotation evals.