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  1. by   Undecided7
    I make a habit of washing my hands or using hand sanitizer upon entering a pt. room. If I have dry, cracked hands or open areas or the pt. is infected or has a rash, of course I'd wear gloves. For general care activities I don't wear gloves (unless they are "dirty" like a prev. post mentioned). Some of my patients are older and alone and you would be amazed at the difference simple human touch can make. :icon_hug: How would you feel if no one would even hold your hand without gloving up? We have sinks, soap, and sanitizer in every room. I could just as easily pick up germs from someone out in public- or even from kids (they carry all kinds of extra stuff). Of course if you're too lazy to clean your hands- then I guess you better always wear gloves.
  2. by   pvjerrys
    Quote from sagarcia210
    just two words--- infection control
    I wholeheartedly agree! It's not about having lack of caring or compassion. It's about safety for the health care provider & the patient.

    If You have the potention of being exposed to blood/ body secretions that isn't yours, glove up. As stated above -- INFECTION CONTROL.
  3. by   Graciegirlienurse
    let us all remember what universal precautions say! treat every patient as potentially infectious. Even if we think one patient is more 'dirty' than another, we really dont know.

    my pet peeve is when a nurse says 'make sure you wear gloves, that patient is hep c positive', I always wear gloves, and I dont treat a patient with a known infection any different than my other patients.
  4. by   grannynurse FNP student
    I just came out of the hospital and it was interesting to see what the staff did. For all of my blood draws, everyone wore gloves. For my finger sticks they did not. No one wore gloves when giving me IV pushs. It appears that there is a great deal of confusion over the wearning of gloves. Everyone did wash their hands prior to touching me

  5. by   AvondaleGrad
    I just think of all the times a patient has moved while trying to give them an injection. I am glad for the gloves. Better they catch the edge of a needle than my skin.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from sagarcia210
    just two words--- infection control
    AMEN. I wear gloves for all injections and IV starts, period.