Thinking of going into nurse education - need advice

  1. Hello,
    I am a critical care nurse who is thinking of going into nurse education. I am in school right now to get my BSN (I currently only have a diploma). I love teaching and learning but I am anxious when public speaking. Is this normal when you first start out in education and it goes away over time, or should I just stick to what I am doing now? I really need some advice on this.

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  3. by   vickynurse
    You may want to apply for a position in staff education. The classes there are very small and there is not a lot of fancy prep to do.
  4. by   BrnEyedGirl
    Not sure how it is everywhere,.the college I graduated from required a Masters Degree to teach nursing. I agree with the previous post though,.start out small and work your way up!! Good Luck!
  5. by   vickynurse
    In MO you have to have one degree higher than you are teaching. IE To teach ADN, you must have a BSN (MSN preferred). To teach BSN, you must have MSN (PhD preferred). It is also a good idea to teach clinicals for awhile on and adjunct basis to see if you like it.
  6. by   BBFRN

    I have the same background as you. I got a part time adjunct clinical educator job, and I love it. I agree that it is a great way to get your feet wet, and see if you like teaching. It also helps you to learn the ropes in this field.
  7. by   tgb1966
    You might also consider teaching in a practical nurse program or a medical assistant or CNA program. This would enable you to feel confident about your subject material. Doing a clinical instructor position is also a good way to start. This will allow you to teach without the classroom/public speaking component. You are teaching in a clinical environment where you are already comfortable and you usually would have 10 students or less depending on state board requirements for teacher to student ratios. Good luck!
  8. by   Goodoldnurse
    Being adjunct is a great way to see if you enjoy the students. You may find you really enjoy teaching and post conference is a good starting point. It also gets you into the workings of acedemia. There will be a fit for you that is best when you get to that point.
  9. by   Horselover44
    Have you precepted in your current position? You may want to start their and determine if you like the experience. I realize precepting and teaching are way different, but it will give you an opportunity to work one-on-one with a nurse to determine if you enjoyed teaching.
  10. by   Otessa
    2 years ago I started in Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills and to see if I truly could go back to school and teach in front of a classroom-sweaty palms, shakey legs-you get the picture. I am now a CC(competent communicator) It is nothing like a college speech class and is for adults in a non-threatening environment. I will be starting my MSN with focus in Education online at Walden University this fall.
  11. by   Hrtnurse14
    I am also pursuing my BSN (4 classes away!) in hopes to transition into nursing education. I have precepted and had nurse fellows with me during work so I know I enjoy teaching (or sometimes being taught!) However, I am a little nervous about teaching a clinical. I have only worked at my hospital over the last six years. I did do a couple of agency stints at other area hospitals which I felt were a nightmare. As an instructor do you get to go see the unit you are instructing at before hand and find out what the students are allowed and not allowed to do? I know at certain facilities I was assigned with a nurse and basically precepted her during my clinical and other times we took the patient and our instructor was our go to person but we did everything. I am really interested in working at an education department within a hospital setting as well. At my hospital those positions never become available. Any advice on how to break into these areas?

    Mary Ann