Same test questions every year?

  1. I am a nursing student and was just wanting to know if it is a lot eaiser to give us the exact tests year to year or are the instructors just lazy?
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  3. by   AuntieRN
    Be very careful. Just because "everyone else" has it does not make it right. The class that graduated 2 semesters ahead of mine got into trouble for something similiar to this situation. They were all accused of cheating. They were made to take all their exams from all 3 classes that semester over again and could not graduate for almost 6 weeks after. It took the department that long to decide what to do and to administer all the exams again.
  4. by   augigi
    I'd take it to the professor. You don't have to give up the friend that gave it to you, but it puts you in a terrible position. I'd be angry knowing a bunch of people in the class had this advantage - it's clearly cheating, and clearly against academic policies.
  5. by   mystcnurse
    a study guide is not a test, it should not be considered cheating to use it. the information in a study guide should hopefully not tell you exactly what is on a test. nursing concepts cannot be memorized, they must be understood. most nclex questions are either analysis or application questions. have said that, a study guide from a previous class should be very carefully utilized, as the information taught and certainly the test questions, should have changed from semester to semester. i know that some of our students had discussed a certain test question from one class to another. when the question turned up on the most recent test, you could tell which students had spoken with those from other classes, because the questions was switched around and the correct answer from the previous class was no longer correct. we change our tests with each class, btw.