Pre-Employment Test

  1. I am creating a new set of pre-employment tests for RNs & LPNs and also for CNAs.
    What types of questions do y'all use for the pre-employment testing? Do you just administer a math test,
    or do you include basic skills as well. I would appreciate any resources you use as well as any advice!

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  3. by   Whispera
    Where I worked most recently there wasn't any pre-employment testing done for newly hired nurses (no CNAs were hired during the time I worked there, so I don't know what would have been done for them). The boss assumed if they had a positive work history and had NCLEX/were licensed, testing wasn't needed. Probably pretty naive, eh? There WAS yearly training and checkoffs of skills and knowledge, though, for all nurses.
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  4. by   shemeek
    And this is the way it should be. I'm a new Grad and seeking employment, i'm having to pre test for employment and the test have had plenty of pharm questions ie. which pill can be crushed? Isnt the answer to that on just about every med cart in the drug book? I passed the NCLEX and had no idea i would have to continue to test to get a job What happened to on the job training. I'm a new graduate with no work experience and i"m having a really hard time trying to get started.
  5. by   HouTx

    BE VERY CAREFUL - all employment-related "tests" must meet Federal standards (Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures 41 CFR Part 60-3). Violation of these requirements exposes the organization to big-time penalties, particularly if there is any adverse impact associated with the tests.

    I would strongly advise you to only use commercial testing instruments that have already been found to be reliable and valid - or to hire an expert to develop them for you and maintain all of the documentation needed to show how reliability & validity were established. These may be more expensive, but they are a fraction of the cost of defending yourself against an employment law problem.

    Remember, it doesn't cost a cent to report an employer for EEO violations & there are many attorneys that have become millionaires through contingency fees on just these types of lawsuits. It's a scary world out there for workplace eduators - be sure you understand all the rules.