Online versus state school?

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    I am looking into getting my MSN in education and my manager recommended Aspen University. My concern is getting a job afterward and having a hard time since my degree is online from Aspen. Is this a concern? Or is it worth it to pay more and go to a state school? As a BSN, I have found that it doesn't matter what school you got your BSN degree from and I would rather not pay more if in the end a MSN from Aspen Uni. is the same as a MSN from a state university in Texas. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Aspen lacks regional accreditation, which can be an issue for further education. Also some employers might have a negative opinion of a degree from a for-profit school. I think it depends on your goals, whether it would be a good fit. Where will you be using your degree? Do you intend to continue your education beyond an MSN?
  4. by   Nina Beaman
    My husband is a caterer. Our prices are lower than getting catering from a store because we do not have the overhead expenses of a building in the city. That does not mean his food is worse quality than theirs. Do not confuse cost with value. It is the same with online education. It is just as high quality as evidenced by the CCNE accreditation, but it is cheaper because you are not paying for dorms, football teams and fancy buildings. It is your decision, but I would not let the prejudice of on-ground public schools against affordable distance education colleges prevent you from getting a good education. I was graduated from Aspen 6 years ago and have had numerous job opportunities and chances to do contract work because of the excellent education I got there.
  5. by   Jenny Erkfitz
    Hi blueindigo79! First, I want to tell you that I'm the program director for the RN-to-BSN Program at Aspen. But, I'm also a graduate of Aspen. I completed my first (non-nursing) degree online and then attended Indiana University's second degree BSN. I then started with a state school for FNP, but changed my mind and decided to become a nurse educator. That's when I discovered Aspen. My MSN-Education is from Aspen University and I have taught at several universities with no one ever questioning my degree. I have taught both on ground and online, for large state schools and private schools, and now I'm a program director working on my EdD online! I work here because I believe we make a huge difference for students who want a rigorous program without digging themselves into debt.
  6. by   not.done.yet
    I did not attend Aspen but did attend an online only school. I have had more opportunities than I imagined.