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  1. by   woodies49
    The great thing about my Masters is that they openly encourage you to relate all written work to your actual situation. So I get to discuss generic issues as they directly relate to nursing. For example last semester I looked at diversity in learners and culture and this semester competencies and cirriculum. Nurses are diverse and have cultures within cultures. It is exciting to write about your passion. I am very glad to have chosen this pathway.
  2. by   wearingmanyhats
    I am an LPN who was just hired by our local Career and Tech Center (think VoTech) to be the clinical supervisor for the CNA students in the clinical area... I attended a certification class a few weeks ago...
  3. by   Sunflower3

    how did your interview go? did you like what they were offering? did you accept the position? i'm awaiting a call myself for a faculty position, so just wondering how it went for you.

  4. by   KittyK
    I've been a nurse for 30 years and have just accepted a position as a full-time instructor in an ADN program. I have a Master's Degree in Parent/Child Nursing (CNS). Most of my experience has been in staff development. I have done PRN clinical instructing and guest lectures as an adjunct faculty member in two different BSN programs. I am excited to have a full-time position and I know I have a lot to learn. I've read the "tips for new educators" post and already have a good basis for what I need to learn during my first weeks on the job. I look forward to reading and learning more on this site. Thanks!!!
  5. by   Saalbunch
    Hello everyone! I have just recently graduated with my MSN with an emphasis in nursing education. (Last week) I have worked as a staff nurse for my entire nursing career either in L&D, or NICU. I am new to the Minnesota area and the schools that they have to offer. Looking for any advise on getting a teaching position. I would love to teach online as well as classroom settings.

    Thanks for your response!
  6. by   tolsdorf
    I am not sure what say but I am an instructor at two ADN programs, one FT and other PT. One private institution and one state college. I have a worked in Home Health, Long Term Care and CNA, HHA and inservice, staff development. I also taught LPN's. This is my second year of teaching. I am really interested in teaching in online schools. My degrees include BA-biology, MA- management and public administration, ADN,BSN nursing and MS in nursing education with a certification in nursing informatics. Does anyone know how to apply and land a job teaching in online nursing schools?
  7. by   Kalait
    I am only weeks (about 20) from my MSN/Education, it has been a rough two years. I continue to teach CPR for the network for which I am currently employed. additionally I teach in the orientation for both new graduates and new organizational employees.
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  8. by   sallypz
    I am a BSN RN with over 30 years experience, med surg, Nursing Home, extended care, critical care step down out patient surgery, CNA Instructor, dialysis (both Hemo & PD), patient educator among others. Before I started in nursing I was going for a degree in secondary education (Biology). I am now returning to the Nursing Education side of nursing as a clinical instructor in an LPN program, and a clinical instructor in a CNA course. Both of those are part time and I'm looking for a 3rd part time Nursing Instructor job. I am also going back to school myself for a Nursing Masters. I plan on a dual focus FNP and Nurse Educator. Another part of my focus will be working in prevention/care of those with Fetal Alchol Syndrome. It is a field I have recently become very interested in because my my adopted daughter is a victim of FAS/FAE and in researching her condition I've noticed it is an underserved area of the Medical Field. Also I plan some focus of my study to be in Autism as some of my friends in education are indicating the child population with Autism is "exploding" in numbers.

  9. by   northangel
    Oops I am over the hill then, at 56 but also a Nurse Educator in the Perioperative setting covering Day Stay and Surgical Outpatients across a large DHB , here in New Zealand. I migrated over last year from the UK, for a slower pace of life and a more work life balance.
    I would be interested in hearing how other DHB's or any where alse in the world works with Professional development and education of Registered Nurse's within these areas. In particular I would be most interested of anyone has an orientation programme for Endoscopy they would be willing to share in part or full for adapting.
    Life is a huge challenge some days and a breeze the next, but I enjoy what I do and would not go back to doing on calls and weekends. My life has changed coming to NZ, I now have time to do things I want to do and still have a job I love at the same time in a beautiful country.
    So come on Educators get typing!
  10. by   dlazrn
    Hello fellow nurse educators! I just joined today and am happy to be here. I been a guest before, but decided to take the plunge for the networking abilities. I can't wait to hear from everyone.

    I also have a request that I wanted to check out with Vicky, since you are staff. I am currently completing my MSN/MEd degree online, and only have my practicum project left to finish. Would it be possible to survey this group for my master's project/practicum? I only have 6 questions in my survey and it pertains to clinical competency. My project involves creating a clinical instructor's training manual.
    I would appreciate your feedback on this matter very much!
  11. by   rapkeygurl
    Hi all,

    I am a certified nurse assistant instructor in New Mexico, Actually I have been teaching for several years in Texas. Any information on the new mexico training differences would be greatly appreciated. I start my new class of 25 students on Monday and we really want this to go well. I have not been given a lot of direction from my program manager well we both are use to the Natcep program in Texas. I will probably just call the NM nurse aide registry tomorrow for more assistance. I love teaching!!!
    NO more MDS stuff lol HURRAY!!
  12. by   happyheatherp
    I am a first year Nurse Educator, and would greatly appreciate any and all advice received. I have applied for the MSN Nurse Educator program for the fall through OU, online program. If anyone has been through this program, I would love to hear from you. I have been a nurse for 18 years and am really enjoying teaching. I have wanted to do this for a long time, and I have finally been given this opportunity. I am so thankful every day that I love what I do EVERY day. That is such a blessing!!
  13. by   shah
    Quote from tolsdorf
    I am not sure what say but I am an instructor at two ADN programs ... Does anyone know how to apply and land a job teaching in online nursing schools?
    Well, you land an online job the same way you land a face to face job. I would suggest to get distance education certified where you work now (it is all about how to use online resources and colleges offer it to their faculty). Then find a face-to-face job with a college that offers distance. After you have taught a couple of semesters you could move into online. Or, you could make a proposal to the college you already teach at to include online. What I am sensing here, though is, that you are preparing to stretch yourself too thin ( I am assuming you are trying to add on to your 2 jobs).
    I teach a hybrid course and those courses can be pretty time-consuming. Reading and participating in online discussion and posting activity can take up hours of time daily. You cannot have 3 jobs and do justice to all, specially with one that is online.