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I don't see much activity on this board, but there must be some nursing educators/instructors out there. We have a situation at the school I teach for. One of the students is very incompetant. She... Read More

  1. by   imenid37
    We had one of these nuts when I graduated 17 years ago. She was always cheating on every test. She did graduate and I heard she flew the coop on two hospitals and took sign on bonuses even though she did not fulfill her obligation. She was not 20 years old at the time like I was, she was in her 30's and a mom. Absurd behaviour knows no boundaries of age, race, gender, etc. Just ask teachers of school-age children whose 30, 40, 50 year old parents go to bat for them and try to defend their violent or immoral behaviour. I was an object of a lot of "cattiness" and gossip by supposedly mature, mostly women students because I got good grades. Let's see at the time, I lived at home, had few financial obligations, no kids, etc. I certainly had the opportunity to study and get good grades. Why the hell are we nurses and nursing students so darn snotty? That han't changed over the years. as an instructor, you have a lot to put up with.
  2. by   hmccartn
    i am not an intructor, but a nursing student up in Canada. I am very sorry to hear about the students in your program. Sounds like there is too much garbage going on for it to be an isolated incident/student. That is quite scary to me. In my program I dont see many of the things you spoke of. So either, I am too busy with schoolwork that i dont pay attention, or the students at my program are a little different. Hard to say. I think that nursing programs are going to be attracting people who are just there for the money...because of recruitment efforts to ease the shortage. As opposed to people who enter the profression, and stay in it, for the right reasons. in our program we have those performance improvement plans for clinical practice (if someone needs improvement or is unsafe), plus they have a clause about professional unsuitability....that the dean can just eject you from the program if you behave like the students you have described... among the students these interventions are taken very seriously and people cringe at the thought of beign "PIPPed".... best of luck with your situation...