Msn education classes and working?

  1. I start my msn in education in spring and I'm wondering whether to wrk ft or pt while going to school full-time. Classes are online. Any suggestions? How was your experiences?
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  3. by   yvfair
    What school are you going to? Im starting in Fall 2012 and I still plan on working full-time
  4. by   nursingisok
    i'm going to utep
  5. by   RN1488
    I will hopefully graduate from my MSN program in the spring (2012). I have been going to school and working both on a full-time basis. It can be stressful and difficult, but in my opinion it is doable.
  6. by   EDEduc8R
    I worked 40-50 hours a week while attending school online for my MSN. Very hard work, but worth it...
  7. by   mommybess
    I'm currently working full time as the site manager/RN for a family medicine clinic and taking classes. I've applied to the Fall 2012 RN-MSN nurse educator program at Angelo State. I am hoping I can continue working full time while completing my education. It's nice to hear that others have done it.
  8. by   suni
    I work full time and am taking online classes for my MSN. Tiring!
  9. by   yvfair
    How is UTEP so far? I thought about applying there for the Fall 2012
  10. by   LiberatedRN
    I started my program at UTEP spring 2011 (nurse clinician educator) and was working full-time, taking 2 classes at a time. With a back injury I sustained last year, working full-time, and with school, I decided to take some time off. So I've been off work for the past 6 months.

    Going to school and working full time is very exhausting whether or not you have a family to maintain. Especially if you are like me and not just wanting to be satisfied with a "passing grade" but graduate with some type of honors (I do have a 4.0 and that was an expectation I placed on myself). So really it is up to you and how much stress you can handle with school and work balance.

    To answer 'yvfair'...I like UTEP. I enjoy the distant learning moreso than I think I would've enjoyed going to a campus. Most of the instructors have been very fair and I've only had one so far that has been MIA during our class sessions and we had to report her to the dean. Online classes are very taxing with the paper writing so you definitely need to get ready for that. Us nurses didn't do much formal writing in undergrad, so it was a challenge for me in the beginning, but I'm getting better at it!