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First Instructor interview..... help

  1. Hello all,
    I have my first interview for a CNA instructor at a high school. This is my dream job, so I want to do well on the interview. I have no previous teaching experience, but I completed the CNA: Train the trainer course. I have been a nurse for three years. I currently work in Med- Surg and in a juvenile detention center. I have precepted nurses and CNA's, and have done patient education classes for the youth in the detention center. I have no doubt that I can do the job, I just really need tips to ace the interview and to not be low balled on the salary end. Salary: the range for the salary is 45,000-85000. I currently make 60000. How do I negotiate a higher salary? Please!!!

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Teaching is pretty notorious for lower pay than bedside jobs, and without experience, you might be offered a salary toward the lower end. Be prepared for salary shock! Other than that, I don't have a ton of wisdom - sounds like you should just let your passion shine! Good luck!
  4. by   Nurseyfabulous1
    Thank you!
  5. by   NGYSUN
    In addition to pay being lesser than bedside. You may be asked to present a short teaching session. When I interviewed for an instructor position, in the first interview, I wasn't asked anything educator/Instructor related. It was the regular, tell me about yourself, tell me about a difficult situation with a client/colleague and how did you handle it, stuff like that.. it was not until the second interview that the questions were narrowed to Instructor related questions and I had to present a 15min teaching. Again, you may have a different experience with your own interview. Be sure to sell yourself and your passion. All the best
  6. by   sirdearis88
    I was a CNA instructor at a high school for four years. My interview was different than my nursing instructor position. I was not asked to present a teaching presentation. The admin team asked me the standard interview questions. One question that was emphasize was on managing your classroom. Remember these are high school students so understanding that component is essential to being effective. The salary is definitely a shocker, in my state our positions did not require graduate degrees, an LPN could teach in that role. I was able to negotiate slightly higher than the salary range. My goal for getting the position was to gain the experience in teaching, so I just maintained a PRN job with the hospital to supplement my income. Overall, it was a very fulfilling position.

    Good luck!
  7. by   pinkiepieRN
    Teaching CNAs in a high school turned out to be the opposite of a dream job for me - no support from the other educators and unmotivated teens. It was a learning experience and I've actually taught CNAs again since then (and not much enjoyed it) just for the teaching experience. How's it going?