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My hospital is having an issue with the competence of some of the faculty members that are sent by the schools to supervise student clinical experiences. We are considering the establishment of a... Read More

  1. by   bookwormom
    I teach clinical at several small nursing homes and hospitals in my area. (One facility Semester 1 and then another Semester 2. )There is a lapse of several months to years between my experience at each facility. I would love an orientation that covers more than the fire system , HIPAA and OSHA. I've suggested it, but it's never followed up. So, I have to go in and just ask questions and make a nuisance of myself.

    The hospitals and the staff are very nice, but seem to think I will know their new IV pumps, electronic charting protocols, etc by osmosis. There's new equipment every time, and I look like an idiot when I run across something I haven't seen before.

    Every hospital is different. And each one takes getting used to. For myself, I'd appreciate an instructor orientation--EVERY year. At the least, the hospitals could send a notice to the schools when they are offering training on new equipment or when they have policy changes.

    Many years ago, one of the hospitals gave my school a copy of their policy and procedure manual. It was great. But it hasn't been repeated.
  2. by   joni p

    I have been a clinical instructor for about 1 year. I LOVE my job, but am learning that I need to demand more of my students. Since there was no formal training here, I seem to remember that there is an actual course available online fo clinical instructors--university based. However, I do not remember the name of the university. Is there anyone out there who knows of such a course? Please reply. I am depserate.
  3. by   KYCNM
    indiana university school of nursing has three online nurse educator courses and also offer a certificate for master's prepared nurses in nursing education. yu can find information at:
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  4. by   I1tobern
    Not an educator yet, but when I was in nursing school, our instructors were required to work in the clinical environment at least prn to maintain their skills;
  5. by   doliveri
    The majority of the hospitals that our school are contracted with require the faculty to attend a mandatory one day clinical competency marathon each year. These marathons are usually offered twice a year in January and early in August. All equipment, (pumps, glucometers, etc.) are highlighted at these sessions along with the forms that the faclity uses, as well as the opportunity to become familar policy and procedure manuals. I have found the sessions extremely helpful not only for new knowledge and hands on experience, but the sessions give me an opportunity to meet the people with whom I will be working.