Charge Nurse Orientation

  1. I am currently an MSN student starting my masters project. I am working to develop a charge nurse orientation program. I am looking for what others are doing. Currently we provide OTJ training for new charge nurses, with no formal risk management, conflict resolution, etc... education. I have researched several different topics, however not finding many facilities that provide this type of education or much research developed on the subject. I am just looking for feedback from others in the field.
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  3. by   NurseLatteDNP
    We provide leadership classes, annual competencies and a formal orientation with the preceptor.
  4. by   jessicaleeweaver
    Would you be willing to share the type of content included in your leadership classes or the competencies. I will provided a personal contact if you would be willing to share information. I would appreciate any information you could offer. - Jessica
  5. by   suni
    We also provide leadership classes. We also have criteria to be a charge nurse: must have worked on the unit for 2 years, no disciplinary action, role model etc.
  6. by   sissiesmama
    I would have been SO happy for some kind of training and education on conflict reolution before some of our nurses got thrown to the wolves, so to speak. Some of the newer RNs as soon as they passed boards they got thrown into the position. I always dreaded the shifts when I was in charge.

    Anne, RNC
  7. by   NurseLatteDNP
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