care plan web sites?

  1. Speaking of not being able to find nursing info on search engines.....

    That is exactly why we are developing a nursing search engine (still under development) but functional. Go ahead and try it, but please keep in mind it is still under development, we are still improving it. - Searches almost every nursing site on the web from one search engine.

    Also, you may want to look at:

    Hope this helps, Good Luck!

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  3. by   jef
    Hi fellow nursing instructors,
    Does anyone know of any good web sites which would help students develop and write nursing care plans? I have tried a couple of search engines, but haven't found any sites which seem helpful. Thanks for any replies!

  4. by   markbeer
    Hi Jef

    Here is 2 you could try

    Hope these help


    Student Nursing Links

  5. by   Julie, RN
    This web site is geared toward student nurses and has some care plan links on the nursing page-"The BSN Basics":
    Here is the exact care plan link within the above page listed: CARE PLANS

    Hope it's helpful!
    Julie M.,SN

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